Fleet Made Easy

Make managing your business fleet a breeze with our mobile and fleet dashboard designed for fleets.

Maintenance Reminders

Ensure each vehicle in your fleet is maintained according to factory recommendations to maximize uptime and minimize costly repairs. Receive notifications when each vehicle is due for maintenance according to factory recommendations, or your customized schedule.

Electronic Authorization & Payment

Use our proprietary real-time approval technology to ensure you approve what you need and always pay a fair price. Assign various approvers to align with your existing business workflow.

Connected Car

Connect your fleet for driver/vehicle tracking, driver behavior, and diagnostic trouble codes.

Maintenance History

With CarAdvise all maintenance history is retained and at your fingertips. This will help you decide maintenance work needed, and to maximize the value when you sell it with your CarAdvise history report.

Fleet Dashboard

Get a full view of your fleet. See inventory, maintenance history, cost tracking including cost-per-mile and exception reporting at a glance.

Vast Repair Network

Use a network of reputable shops that are fleet friendly. Ask us how to get discounts for your fleet.

Get CarAdvise for your fleet!