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Private Label

CarAdvise’s mission is to transform the car ownership experience for consumers and the way that car care providers obtain and approve maintenance services. We have established an intelligent, data-driven platform operating on a common technology infrastructure, powered by proprietary data and analytics. We operate our company-branded platform on our website, as well as on the app store and Google Play. In addition, we customize and operate our platform for affinity group marketing partners.

Proudly Serving The Following Industries


Want to avoid claims that are a result of poorly maintained vehicles – bad brakes, tires, steering? Ensure your customers have well-maintained vehicles.

Extended Warranty

Get a lot of “no’s” before a “yes” when selling extended warranties? Provide an easy solution to help your customers maintain their vehicles, so that when they are ready to upgrade to an extended warranty, they are already relying on you.

Connected Car

DTC Codes driving your nuts? Make sense of them and provide a solution to your users. Enhance your offering to provide maintenance/repair discounts, and a platform they see as part of your product. Lastly our fleet product helps you attract that small business fleet business you are seeking.

Car Dealerships

Looking for ways to increase retention and get service business after they buy a car? Give them an app, with your brand on it to remind them to get maintenance, schedule with your shop, pay, and electronically approve. Want to earn fleet business? Use our fleet product with your name on it.

Financial Institutions

Financing car purchases? Help your customers protect their investment, and help ensure your collateral is protected in the meantime with CarCare powered by CarAdvise.

Ride Share

Your customers should be in safe reliable vehicle, and your drivers shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to do so! Give your drivers a benefit with a maintenance offering to save them money.

Web Car Sales

Spending a lot of money on search? Engage your customers before they search to buy a new car. Leverage key items like mileage, age of vehicle, and repair information to provide insight to when somebody might be looking to buy a new/used vehicle, and sell their old.



Take your business to the next level


Engage Customers

Everybody has an website or an app today. But, are your customers engaged and relying on you, are they truly interacting with your brand?

Enhance Offering

Looking for ways to create more value to your offering as it relates to their car? The average household gets maintenance/repair 9 times annually, nearly every month.

Increase Revenues

Let an expert from CarAdvise help you understand how you can earn more money by partnering with CarAdvise.


Get intelligent about your customers to help provide insight to your business, increasing retention rates, and earning new business.

Let CarAdvise help you engage your customers, users and drivers. Powered by CarAdvise.