The Simple Guide to Fuel Pumps

Gas Tank

What’s a fuel pump?

The main function of the fuel pump is to send fuel from the gas tank into the engine. The fuel pump can get worn out over time due to mileage and age. A fuel pump can easily be damaged when you run your car continuously on low fuel because it will overheat the pump motor and cause it to fail.

Why do I need it?

Simply put, the fuel pump is a necessary part for your car to run because it transfers fuel from the fuel tank into the engine. If you do not pay proper attention or care to the condition of your fuel pump, it will be difficult to keep your car running.

Gas pump

When will I know I need a replacement?

Consistent use of poor quality fuel can contribute to internal damage of your fuel pump. If this is a habit you’ve fallen into, consider getting yours checked. If you experience the following, it may be time to get yours replaced:

  • Your car is hard to start after it’s been sitting 
  • The check engine light illuminates
  • The engine shuts down abruptly
  • The car experiences frequent backfiring
  • Your hear a loud whirring noise from rear of vehicle 

If you need a fuel pump replacement you can expect to be paying between  $260–$1,009.00 depending on the car you drive.

What happens if I don’t get it replaced?

A faulty fuel pump will cause significant drivability and performance issues because the cylinders won’t get enough fuel pumped into them, and the engine will struggle to keep the car moving forward or running at all. 


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