5 Cardless and Boardless Road Trip Games You Can Play

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What are the best road trip games?

Are you going on a road trip with your family members or friends? Is everyone glued to their mobile screens? If you’re looking for ways to have some tech-free fun, you’ve come to the right place! Get your car serviced (and save money when you book with CarAdvise) and hit the road ready to be entertained with these fun games. Here is a list of cordless and boardless road trip games that you can play on a road trip to make it fun and enjoyable!


1. Sorry I’m Late

In this game, each participant has to utter: “Sorry I’m late” and explain why they were late. For this purpose, they must use the plot of a movie to say why they were late. The other participants have to take a guess and name the movie. Consider the following example:

Participant 1: Sorry I’m late, I just found the golden ticket in my chocolate bar!

Answer: Charlie In The Chocolate Factory


2. Straight Face

Each participant writes ridiculous sentences on small paper, then, these pieces of paper are mixed up into a hat. After that, everyone has to pick one piece of paper from the hat and try to read its content out loud without laughing.

As long as the player completes their sentences without laughing or giggling, they pass to the next round. In case, anyone laughs, other participants can agree upon a suitable consequence for them.

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3. Movie Connections

The game begins when a participant names a movie. The next person must name another movie that is somehow linked to it. This link is decided before the game. For instance, it can include the same director, producer, actor, genre, or year. You cannot repeat a movie name that was named earlier. Moreover, you cannot randomly pick a movie; you must explain the exact connection. Consider the following examples.

Based on the same actor: If a participant chooses Titanic, others can continue with the names of movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio such as Gangs of New York, The Departed, Shutter Island, or The Revenant.

Based on the same genre: If a participant chooses a space movie such as Interstellar, others can continue with The Martian, Star Wars: A New Hope, or Gravity.


4. Two Truths and One Lie

If you are just getting to know a new group of friends, then you can get to know each other well by playing this game. This game is based on three simple rules:

  • You have to provide three personal facts of which only two are supposed to be true.
  • Other participants have to guess the lie.
  • If no one can guess it, you get one point.

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5. Name Game

One participant has to name a sports icon, a fictional character, or a celebrity. The next participant must say the name of any other figure whose first name starts with the former’s last name.

For example, if a participant says Brad Pitt, then other participants can choose Paul Walker. When a name comes in which both the first and last name begin with the same letter such as Ryan Reynolds, it reverses the player’s rotation.

If you have any more fun road trip game ideas, feel free to comment them below! Have fun!

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