Best Places for a Road Trip This Summer


Who doesn’t love a good summer road trip with family and friends, exploring the country through scenic backroads and roadways. Do you want to go on a road trip this summer but don’t know where you should go? Don’t worry, we are here to help!


Alaska Highway

Alaska highway

The famed Alaska Highway meanders its way through the most stunning landscape of the Yukon Territory. Although it terminates at the Delta Junction, it now extends up to Fairbanks. This road trip is over 1,400 miles long.

Must-see destinations along the way include the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum, Liard River Hot Springs and the Watson Lake of the Yukon.

You can go all the way to Homer, Alaska through Anchorage and the idyllic Kenai Peninsula. One thing you’ll never lack is illustrious scenery.


Charleston to New Orleans


Explore the rich traditions and heritage of the deep South by embarking on this trip. You can relish in the sights and sounds of the historic city of Charleston. Driving for a while? Take a tanning break at one of the gorgeous sunny beaches or tee off at one of the extraordinary golf courses you pass along the way.

This road trip concludes in New Orleans. Be sure to discover the French Quarter as well as the old cemeteries that Nola has to offer! There is plenty of fine food and music to enjoy. We recommend that you also take a detour on riverboats to enjoy a leisurely tour of the majestic Mississippi.


Denver to Glacier


Starting in Denver, you can discover the most epic landscape as you journey towards Yellowstone National Park. From here, you can trek through old boomtowns situated in southeast Montana and go all the way to Glacier National Park. If you make a trip in June, be sure to visit the Denver Chalk Art Festival for a color fiesta!


Colorado to Lake Tahoe


Take the 1,066 mile long lonely road from Pueblo, Colorado towards Lake Tahoe to savor the most glorious scenery. On this amazing road trip, you can journey through the Rockies, visit Crested Butte, and stop at the Black Canyon in the Gunnison National Park. Along the way, you can also gaze with wonder at picturesque alpine wildflower meadows, deep blue lakes, and towering snow-covered mountains.


Historic Oregon Trail

Oregon trail

On this road trip, you will traverse 2,000 miles across the historic Oregon trail while passing through 6 different states. The trail starts in Independence, Missouri and ends in Oregon City, located in southern Portland.

On this ride, you can witness first hand the wagon wheel ruts from the brave pioneers who navigated the treacherous countryside in search of lush farmland.

Towards the end of this journey, you can enjoy galleries, restaurants, breweries and coffee shops of the vibrant and exuberant Portland.

Happy road tripping!

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