The Vintage Pickup Truck: 4 of the Coolest of All Time

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What are the coolest antique vehicles of all time?

Nothing in the world compares to a good old pickup truck. Trucks have stood the test of time as some of the most incredibly manufactured vehicles with their proven long life and resilience. If you own any of these vintage pickup trucks (or any other vehicle), you can get discounted maintenance you can trust by booking through CarAdvise. Learn more and sign up for free today!

We made a list of out top 4 favorite trucks for you!


The ‘63 – ‘87   and J-Series Pickup Truck

Pickup Truck
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The J-Series consisted of a whole range of trucks, which Jeep came out with as a replacement to their age-old FC and Willy’s pickup trucks. At the time it came out, the Gladiator and the J-Series were the pinnacles of pickup innovation. They were larger than the previous models made by Jeep and the design was so contemporary that with only some minor changes to the aesthetics, they stuck around in production for 24 years.

With an aggressive design, these trucks demand attention. If you see one of these today, it will still stand out just as it did back in the day.


The ‘67 – ‘77 Ford F250 “Highboy” Pickup Truck

Pickup Truck
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If there is one Ford vehicle that you can call the toughest-looking Ford truck, it’s the Ford F250. It is hands down among the coolest trucks of all time. The rugged drive train, high stature, and massive tires on this guy demands respect from those on the road. Taller than the likes of its closest competing models by Jeep, Dodge, and General Motors, this truck is a true gem for collectors.


The ’45 – ’49 Willys CJ-2A

Pickup Truck

The Willys MB had a huge presence in WWII. The original model of this car essentially became the basic blueprint for just about every recreational four-wheel drive vehicle that exists today.

Willys CJ-2A is a true workhorse that started off as little more than a civilian version of the Willys MB, but played an integral role for a long time to become a well-loved vehicle, which is still sought after by collectors today.


The Hummer Alpha Pickup Truck

Pickup Truck

Another vehicle that made a transition from an exclusively military workhorse into a civilian model is the Hummer Alpha. Around 60 years apart from each other, both the Willys and the Hummer models share that similarity, but that’s about it.

The Hummer series was made up of commercialized versions of the military vehicles. With the power that matched its brawny exterior, this beauty is one of the coolest trucks of all time.


That’s our top four! Anyone disagree? Comment below!

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