10 Tips for Saving Money on Gas

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90% of US households spend nearly $3,000 a year on gasoline on average. People are always looking for ways to save money on gas. And if you can, why not do it? We have put together a list of ten things you can do to save you money on gas:   1. Buy Discount Gift […]

Road Safety 101: How Do Airbags Work

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Airbags have two responsibilities in any vehicle. First, they slow down the sudden jerk forward movement of the passenger/driver. Second, they provide a cushioning in between the passenger’s upper body and the hard surface (dashboard, steering, windscreen, etc). Airbags are usually fitted inside the steering wheel and dashboard. In some new makes, they are also […]

What Is the Difference Between Diesel and Gas

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Vehicles all around the world are powered by two types of fuels: diesel or gas. So, what is the difference between diesel and gas? Despite being produced from the same compound and used for similar purposes, their production, chemical, and inherent properties are vastly different. Gas is a liquid mixture that contains two types of […]