The Simple Guide to Radiators

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Car radiators are an essential part of your vehicle. Keeping your radiator in good condition will maximize the lifespan of your car. Of course, you can’t take care of the car radiator if you do not really understand it yourself. This simple guide to radiators will teach you everything you need to know:   The […]

What Cars Do Your Favorite Celeberties Drive?

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Cars serve as a status symbol for celebrities. Here is a list of the most famous celebrities and the cars they drive:   Leonardo DiCaprio Other than being an Oscar winner and one of the most critically acclaimed actors of his generation, DiCaprio has made headlines due to his steadfast commitment to environmental activism. Staying […]

The 21 Best Selling Cars, Trucks, and SUVs of 2019

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2019 has been a great year for vehicle sales. Here’s a list of THE TOP selling cars, trucks and SUV’s of 2019:   21. Hyundai Elantra Selling 84,971 units so far, the Elantra has improved fuel economy from last year.   20. Subaru Forester It has sold 86,219 units. That’s a 9% increase from last […]

Bentley’s Self Driving Luxury Car

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Bentley recently announced its plan for the EXP 100 GT, its first-ever self-driving concept vehicle. This kind of innovation isn’t just being explored by Bently, but several other car manufacturers as well. Bently is setting the bar high; its model plans to do more than just drive autonomously, but also capable of sensing the mood […]