Bentley’s Self Driving Luxury Car

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Bentley recently announced its plan for the EXP 100 GT, its first-ever self-driving concept vehicle. This kind of innovation isn’t just being explored by Bently, but several other car manufacturers as well. Bently is setting the bar high; its model plans to do more than just drive autonomously, but also capable of sensing the mood of its driver.



The EXP 100 GT

The EXP 100 GT shows how the company envisions luxury motoring to feel and look by the year 2035. The futuristic features of this luxury car are based on technology that Bentley’s engineers are already working on, but it won’t be ready until at least 2024.

The EXP 100 GT is an emission-free, all-electric vehicle that looks similar to a classic grand tourer on the outside except for a marvelous 6,000 LED light grille. The LED light changes colors to tell outsiders when the GT is under human control or is self-driving.


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The EXP 100 GT’s exterior is slick but the interior is where the model really shines. The advanced AI assistant is capable of sensing the biometric mood of the driver by monitoring some important cues like head gestures and blood pressure. It’ll then adjust the lighting, scent, ambiance, and driving style to suit the temperament of the driver.

The EXP 100 will also have cartridges filled with water, travel items, clean clothes, and snacks that will come out from under the bonnet recognizing a hand gesture of the occupant.

Bentley has made the new concept car semi-autonomous to allow people to feel the thrill of driving in the driverless revolution of the future. Owners of the Bentley EXP 100 GT will thus be able to take control of their vehicle and drive it as they deem suitable. Alternatively, they could just let the car take them to their destination.


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The EXP 100 will also boast cameras on the exterior, allowing people to record memorable journeys or picturesque views, which can be replayed on the windows. Among the remarkable conveniences promised by Bentley are tires that automatically change their treads according to weather conditions and OLED screens in the doors to browse the web or play movies.

The EXP 100 features a drivetrain that can go as far as 435 on a fully charged battery and its top speed is said to be 186-mph. The battery will take 15 minutes to charge to 80% which is pretty good compared to current electric cars.


Final Thoughts

Bentley has made some pretty impressive promises but will it be able to come true on them? Only time will tell. One thing’s for certain – if Bentley does introduce this technology, it will be hard for other manufacturers to top it.

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