The Future Of The Auto Industry

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The automotive industry has evolved drastically over the past decade with advancements in technology that have impacted the way cars are designed and developed.

Self-driving cars have promised a drastic change in the daily experience of transportation. However, this technology is still being developed and is expected to be more realistically and commercially implemented in the coming years.


What Future Technologies Can We Expect?

Most new car technologies are either built for safety or focus on enhancing driving experience. We’ve looked at some of them to provide you a better idea of what the future of the auto industry is going to be like and what impact it will have on drivers all over the world.


Cars That Communicate with Each Other

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Car communication is being seriously considered by the U.S. Government and car manufacturers who want cars of the future to communicate with objects around them and with other cars on the road.

Think about it—a car runs a red light on the intersection and you don’t see them but your car gets a signal from the that car to warn you about a potential collision. Your car then applies the brakes automatically to avoid an accident without you doing anything.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication is a developing technology that is being tested by Ford and is designed to help reduce the number of accidents on the road. It will work by sending wireless signals to other cars about their direction, location, and speed.

The cars then communicate this information with other cars on the road and maintain a safe distance from each other. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a study that states this technology has the potential to reduce road accidents by 80% and transform the way people drive.


Augmented Reality Dashboards

windows display

Luxury car manufacturers today are working towards advanced windshield displays and GPS systems. Cars of the future will help identify external objects on the road and display them on the windshield. BMW has already implemented windshield displays in their cars that show basic information like speed.

The future of the auto industry is full of exciting innovation and possibility, buckle up!

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