What Are The Lastest Car Technology Trends of 2019

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The latest cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionize automobiles very soon. Here are the latest car technology trends of 2019:


Autonomous Vehicles

It will take at least 5 years before cars become truly autonomous, meaning fully capable of driving anywhere without human intervention. It is expected that by 2024, cars that are capable of working autonomously along interstate highways will be designed. It will take a couple of years for technology to reach the level where cars can drive autonomously in high-traffic sprawling metropolitan areas safely.


Vehicle Tracking

vehicle tracking

Some states authorities and insurance companies are considering imposing fees on the number of miles you drive. Comprehensive vehicle tracking appears to be the future of car insurance since these companies have a financial interest in the distance that each driver travels.

Those who drive faster and further pose a higher insurance risks compared to those who drive less and at lower speeds. Insurance companies can afford to offer lower premiums for defensive drivers who travel shorter distances. Car tracking may be incentivized by offering lower premiums for those who fulfill this criteria and agree to vehicle tracking.


Windows Display

high tech window

There have been major advancements in Head-Up Display technology in the past two decades. Initially, it was just capable of showing monochromatic digits. Developments in glass displays will make vibrant images possible.

This will lead to a major progress in satellite navigation user experience. Arrows displayed on the screen will show the next turn. Small images of maps may also be projected at the corner of windscreens.

BMW vehicles have already demonstrated ‘augmented reality’ dashboards. More auto manufacturers will soon follow suit. This technology will revolutionize safety since drivers won’t need to take their eyes off the windshield with the information being displayed.


Health Monitoring

Ford Motor Company is already pursuing the idea of a seatbelt capable of measuring vital signs. This technology, along with autonomous technology, will be able to safely bring the car to a halt at the roadside and call paramedics in the event of a heart attack.

Ford has already developed electrocardiography, which works unobtrusively through seat embedded sensors. Ford now plans to develop similar sensors for monitoring glucose levels of diabetics.


Custom Vehicle Design

3D printed car

Local Motors wants to offer custom designed vehicles to customers with 3D printing technology. Undoubtedly, this technology will come at a hefty price. But, it will lead to an exponential proliferation in the number of interesting and unique vehicles seen on the streets.

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