Tailgating Hacks for This Sports Season

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Looking for the best tips for throwing a hassle-free and fun-filled tailgate? Check out these tailgate hacks!



Label your coolers so that guests can find what they want without opening every single cooler. For instance, if you label the drinks cooler with “Beer,” then guests won’t open the meat cooler looking for beer. Your cooled items will remain colder this way.



Use Frozen Water Bottles Instead of Ice

It is smart to be thrifty with water at all times. If you use plain ice in coolers, the ice will be wasted once it melts. But if you use frozen water bottles, water won’t be wasted! Not to mention you’ll be drinking ice cold water when you need it.


Plastic Tub

Bring along an empty plastic tub so that you can gather all the dirty dishes in one place. Before you load the tub with dirty dishes, line it with a big garbage bag so that the dishes don’t stain your container.



Deal with the Wind

High winds can create tricky problems at tailgates. If you have a charcoal grill, then fast winds can burn out your charcoal quickly. You should bring extra charcoal to prevent a shortage. Turn the grill so that the front leg points to the incoming wind. Winds entering the bottom vents will be minimized. If it’s a gas grill, position it perpendicular to the wind direction to make sure it continues to work.


Drawer Set

You can keep everything organized and in good condition with a plastic drawer set. Finding things is much easier and faster this way.

You should also label and designate drawers to quickly locate what you need. There is no need to unpack these drawers either. Simply put them out for people to access what they need at all times!

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Thermal Containers

To keep soup hot, you should bring them to your tailgate in a thermos. This will save you the hassle of heating soup before serving it!

Piping Bags

For early morning tailgate outings, store pancake batter in piping bags. Squeeze out the batter onto the griddle to cook pancakes without a fuss or mess.

With these hacks, you’ll have the best tailgate in the lot!

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