6 Items You Need for Your Winter Vehicle Emergency Kit

winter driving

When driving in a harsh winter conditions, you never know when you’ll run into trouble. Here is a list of items that you should keep in your winter vehicle emergency kit at all times.


Jumper Cables

jumper cables

Having access to a reliable set of jumper cables matter a lot. Be picky when it comes to picking out your jumper cables. For the best results, look for ones that have multiple-strand four gauge copper wires.


Serviced Vehicle

Make sure that your vehicle is fully serviced and your fluids are regularly changed and topped off. Often, emergencies can be avoided if you keep your vehicle in the best possible condition.


Spare Tire

spare tire

Flat tires are common occurrences, which is why you need a contingency plan in place, so keep a spare tire. However, make sure to check on your spare everyone now and then to ensure that it is properly maintained.

You should also know how to fix a flat tire. The supplies you need to change a tire are a jack to lift the vehicle and a lug wrench. If your tire blows out and you need to replace it, having the skills and supplies to do it yourself will be a lot faster than waiting for help.




A flashlight can serve as an indispensable ally in dark winter nights. If you forget this item, a flashlight on a smartphone should do the trick.


Carry Standard Tools

Add a basic toolkit in your emergency kit. Ideally, you should have pliers, socket set, duct tape, electrical tape, spare fuse, tire pressure gauge, and a screwdriver.


First Aid Kit

first aid kit

No emergency kit is complete without a first aid kit. You need to have all the standard medications and bandages in your kit.

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