Expert Tips for Safe Winter Driving


During tough winters, conditions can be difficult for even the most experienced drivers. This is because snowfall decreases visibility and makes the roads slippery, and harder for you to control your car.

However, with these expert winter driving tips, you will easily be able to control your vehicle during the cold winter months.


Remove Ice and Snow

Before driving, use a soft brush to remove ice and snow from the windows, roof, and hood of your car. This can significantly improve visibility.

When you don’t remove ice and snow from your car, the accumulated heap blows and hits the windshields of other cars, obscuring their view and potentially causing an accident. Additionally, obscured snowy windows can get you ticketed by a police officer.


Manage Skids

One of the leading causes of accidents is skids, which happens when a car goes too fast or loses control. There are actually two different types of skids.

The under-steer skid: Which is when the grip of the front wheels is lost and the car continues to go straight despite turning the wheel. If this happens to you, stop pressing on the accelerator so that your front wheels slow down so that you can achieve better traction.

The oversteer skid: This is the skid where the rear wheels lose their grip. To solve this dilemma, don’t use your brakes. Braking locks up your wheels, making it difficult to get the traction needed to control the skid.

For either skid type, you should steer into the skid.. As a result, the tail end moves in the opposite direction. Make sure you don’t overcorrect because extensive turning will make the car skid quicker.

winter conditions

Handling AWDs

When driving on snowy roads, you might have experienced cars with all-wheel-drive, fly past you and blow a large amount of snow on your windshield.

All-wheel drive vehicle owners sometimes think that they can drive their vehicles freely without worrying about skids. AWDs do generate a great deal of traction and also provide improved control. However, they don’t stop very well. Even with AWD make sure to be cautious of skidding


Drive Cautiously

During winter, refrain from  swerving or jamming on your brakes, even minor slides and slips can cause serious accidents.

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