7 Great Ways to Organize Your Car

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These 10 tips will help you organize your vehicle to have more space and less-hassle!


Collapsible Bins


Use collapsible bins to neatly organize your trunk into different sections. With this, you store everything from picnic gear to groceries without mixing anything up.

Worried about these binds moving all over the place? Don’t! They can easily be held securely by Velcro tape. The tape will adhere strongly to the trunk lining fabric to stop the bins from sliding.


Free Up the Console

You can utilize pouches to keep everything in place and prevent key items from getting mixed up. For instance, you can keep important documents like car insurance, maintenance schedules, etc., in one pouch. You can also maintain important travel items like hand sanitizers, tissues, snacks and more.


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It always helps to use a color code for each pouch to identify the type of items that they contain. This way, you can find your stuff more quickly and feel more organized.


Command Cord Clips



Use these clips to keep cable clutter under control. Not only do tangled cables look messy, but they can also be a real hazard if they are under your feet while driving. Place a phone holder within a cup holder and secure the chargers and wires with the help of these organizational clips.


Glove Box

Make use of the glove box to neatly organize important papers and documents. Next time you need your important car information, you’ll know exactly where to find it!


Shower Caddy

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These deep bins can be kept between seats. They can store kids’ items and keep them separated as well. The sturdy handle at the top allows these bins to be shifted easily. They are also very cheap and easy to find in stores!

Put the Back of the Seats to Good Use! Install plastic shower pockets at the back of the front seats. These storage spaces are especially useful for young families on long road trips.


DIY Shelf

You can virtually double the storage area of your trunk with double-decker design. This DIY shelf serves as a second storage floor for your trunk. It can also fold up when not in use.

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