8 Road Trip Essential

Whether you’re driving from the east coast to the west coast or making your way down south for the winter, you’ve inevitably thought about what to pack for your road trips. There are basic road trip essential items you know you can’t live without: your favorite playlist, lots of snacks, and of course caffeine!

But we’re here to remind you of some gadgets, gizmos, and some super critical recommendations to keep your road trip moving (literally). From health, safety, car maintenance, and comfort, you’ve got some organizing to do for your vehicle inside and out, but most of all remember that a successful road trip is done in a vehicle that has preventative maintenance performed by car care experts prior to hitting the road!


Let’s check out our top 8 road trip essentials:


Life on the road for many hours at a time can get a bit dirty. You also don’t exactly want to stop part of the way to your destination to freshen up at some random rest stop after that mid drive hike. This is when Wilderness Wipes come in handy. These beauts are like a handi-wipe but for your whole body. So, get out on that trail and stretch your legs then clean up with one of these babies, soon you’ll be fresh enough to hit dinner out before crashing for the night.



These days, things can never be clean enough. Clorox simply can’t be beat when it comes to wiping down that gas pump before using it or cleaning up random items while on the road. Don’t forget all those stories you’ve heard about the hotel tv remote. Take matters in your own hands and bring a tub of this miracle cleaner to keep your life germ-free while out in the world!




We’ve been watching this company slowly crush the comfy travel blanket game and just had to share this perfect road trip companion. Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket doesn’t let ‘down.’ This super soft but totally durable nylon exterior blanket is packed full of water-repellent and sustainably sourced down. It’ll keep you warm inside and out and allows for a great base to lay on the ground when stopping for lunch or a quick snooze.



Having a USB in your vehicle is great, most cars come with them today, but if your ride is a bit older, then you’ll want a USB to charge your phone, and other devices. What if you have something else you want to power, like portable gaming devices or other little gadgets that need recharging? That’s when this little wonder, the Bestek Power Inverter comes into play. If you’ve got electronics like laptops, a coffee maker, or other sensitive electronics, go with the Go Power Pure – either way you’ll have some additional power outside of the USB to make your trip way more enjoyable.




Road trip photos are 100% a must. Yet, even the youngest of roadtrippers doesn’t always want to rely on Instagram or social media to look at memories. That’s when blending old-school with new tech comes into play. Instax Square camera isn’t a camera, it’s an instant film retro cool camera. What’s that? Take photos, and instantly get printouts of your trip. Grab some clips and post these around your ride throughout your trip for quick memory flashbacks and then add them to a cool scrapbook when your trip is done.




It’s gonna get dark at some point on your trip and whether you are needing extra light while out venturing or just need something to help with setting up a tent or digging through your car, headlamps are an awesome addition to do it hands-free. The Petzl headlamp is a historical go to that recharges easily pumps out 450 lumens. One button, three power options, and you are a ray of shine in the pitch black of the night!




OK, ok, ok, all that cool stuff is super necessary (well maybe not) but a really good road-tripper knows that you must have the basics to have 100% peace of mind when it comes to being out on the road. Here’s some of our picks.


A spare tire. You might not always think about having that spare tire with you, and there’s a chance you might not even need it. But on the unlucky chance you run over a nail or hit an especially aggressive pothole, you wouldn’t need to worry. Before you head off on your adventure we recommend that you check on your spare tire to make sure it’s in good condition. Make sure to check the air pressure, and signs of aging or damage.   


Emergency kit. No matter where you’re driving and when, you should always have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Make sure to include a flashlight, blankets/layers, jumper cables, nonperishable food and water, a first aid kit, and a shovel. 


Hard copy of a map. We know, the thought of a real map seems crazy, what with everyone’s smartphones and navigation apps, but you never know. There is always a chance your phone might die or your vehicle’s navigation could glitch. 


Compact jump starter. You can never have too many sources of power with you on a long drive and we think this gadget is super cool. You can jump start a gas engine and keep your phone charged in case of emergencies. Ten out of ten, we recommend! 

Preparing yourself for a long road trip can be a daunting task but we hope we made it a little easier for you. If you can only remember one thing in preparation for your road trip, remember your vehicle is less likely to cause you grief on a long trip if it’s taken for routine maintenance, so the best thing you can do for yourself and for your car is to keep up with regular maintenance. 

Road Trip Essentials

So before you head off on your adventure, make an appointment online through CarAdvise to take your car into a shop and get things like your exhaust, engine fluids, windshield wipers and tires checked so you don’t have any unplanned emergency stops. If your spare tire needs replacing, you can buy tires online and have them installed the next day. Book your appointment, compare prices, and even pay online all while receiving their discounted pricing. If you have any questions about the services being recommended for your car, they even have ASE Certified Mechanics available to answer any questions you may have. CarAdvise will let you select a shop in your area and you can compare open appointment times and prices so the appointment is as hassle free as possible. Visit CarAdvise.com today to learn more about how they could save you from any unplanned car trouble on your trip. 

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