Tire Safety 101: Rotate Yo Tires!

You may not think it, but tire rotations are one of the best services you can get to extend the lifespan of your tires. As you drive, your front and rear tires are utilized in different ways and therefore wear down differently. You may be able to tell when your tires are wearing differently when your vehicle starts pulling in one direction when you’re driving, but not always. A tire rotation helps mitigate uneven wearing on your tires by moving them to the front or back. During this service the front tires are moved to the rear and the rear tires are moved diagonally forward. Additionally, most shops will check your tires for any damage while moving them. Most manufacturers recommend that you get a tire rotation on the same schedule you get oil changes. Conveniently, CarAdvise offers maintenance reminders based off of manufacturer recommended maintenance, so check CarAdvise to see when your vehicle is due for a tire rotation!

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