Maintenance History and How It Helps With Tax Reporting

How can CarAdvise help me with my taxes?

We are excited to tell our members about a uniquely beneficial tool that is a part of the CarAdvise platform. With CarAdvise, you can log and keep track of all of the maintenance done on your car using our Maintenance History feature. This is beneficial when it comes to tax reporting. 

On your CarAdvise dashboard, you can check all of your Maintenance History and use it to help calculate your business expenses! When you look at your vehicle’s maintenance history you can see all past services completed through CarAdvise, including service date, type of service, cost and location! You can also manually add any past services done on your vehicle before you joined CarAdvise to keep all of your maintenance records in one place. 

As tax season approaches we want to help you get the best deductible possible! The IRS requires you to report any income made through the gig economy. This also means that you can claim vehicle expenses as business expenses if you use your car for your business. So, if you are an Uber driver, a Doordash driver, or any other gig driver, this CarAdvise tool is especially important for you! 

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