Winterize Your Life! Save energy and protect from the cold!

Winterize your life

We’d love to follow the Spice Girls’ advice and spice up our lives, but it’s winter time so we thought it’d be better to Winterize Our Lives. Your home, your car, yourself, we’re doing everything we can this year to save energy and protect ourselves from the cold. 


As for your home, winterizing can save you BIG! You can save 10-20% on your energy bills if your home is adequately winterized. Here are a few tips to save you heat, energy and money this winter:

Replace your furnace air filter It’s recommended that you change your furnace air filter every 60 days in the winter. This will help with air flow and keep your furnace at max efficiency. 

Conduct an energy audit Most utility companies will offer free energy audits to help you find areas where you can save energy. 

Clean your furnace A simple vacuuming and change of your filter can help your furnace run more efficiently.

Seal windows Leaky windows are the most common culprit of heat loss, especially in older homes or apartments. There are many plastic sealing kits you can buy. If you don’t want to seal your windows, even just getting drapes or curtains on your windows can help it retain heat. 

Reverse your ceiling fan direction Fun fact, your ceiling fan isn’t just useful in the summer! You can reverse your ceiling fan to turn clockwise and it will direct the warm air that rises down to heat your room. 



Now onto your car. Cars tend to have a tough time in the snow and struggle with really cold temperatures. There are a few very simple and cheap things that you can do to help your car get through the winter months without any hassle. 

Winter Wipers Winter wipers are heavier than regular wipers and do a much better job at keeping ice off the wiper blades, keeping your view clear!

Winter Tires Winter tires are made of a different kind of rubber and have different grooves creating better traction as you drive in slippery or snowy conditions.

Tire Pressure Cold air is more dense, so as the weather gets colder the air in your tires compress. Because of this your tire pressure will go down 1 PSI as the temperature goes down 10 degrees.  

Winter Safety Kit You should always be keeping an emergency kit with many necessities in your vehicle, but in the winter it is even more important for your health and safety to be prepared. In addition to general emergency gear, your winter kit should have plenty of warm clothes & blankets, a shovel, a bag of sand for traction, and road flares. 

General Car Upkeep  One of the easiest things you can do to winterize your car is to make sure you’re keeping up on general car maintenance so your car is in tip-top shape. Make sure you’re getting oil changes when you need them, keeping your gas tank full, keeping your washer fluid full, and make sure your defrosters are in working order.



Lastly, but most importantly, YOU! If you’re new to the cold, or even if you’ve spent your whole life fighting the winter scaries, we’ve got the best tips and tricks of the trade here for you. Stay warm and winterize yourself. 

  1. Heated blanket: Fluffy blankets are all the rage, and we can’t lie, they’re pretty great. But we’ve taken the fuzzy blanket idea and added another layer, a layer of heat to be precise. There really is no warmth and comfort like a heated blanket, and that’s why this is our #1 recommendation for winterizing yourself.
  2. Parka: There are coats, then there are parkas. Parkas are the best winter coat style there is. It not only keeps your body warm but it also keeps your butt and legs warm, this is a must have for northerners.
  3. Solid snow boots: You not only want snow boots that keep your feet warm and wetness out, you want to make sure your chosen snow boot has a sole built for ice and snow so you don’t slip and fall. 
  4. Texting gloves: You definitely need gloves in the winter, obviously. But now with all the technology we keep on hand and in our cars you don’t want to have gloves that you have to take off to use your touch screen! That’s why getting a pair of technology friendly gloves is essential for the winter season. 
  5. Smart mug: Ok stay with us here….a mug that keeps your drink warm. No more cold coffee because you let it sit for too long and keep your warm drinks warm as you travel! This mug keeps your drinks warm when you preset the temperature! This isn’t a necessity, but we thought it’s definitely an awesome gadget. 


So there you are, your life is completely winterized! People of the winter world, winterize your life…is what we think the Spice Girls would say if they lived in the north! So grab a heated blanket, hot cocoa, and go into hibernation until the snow melts! 

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