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How To Keep Your Car Smooth As Silk


Spring has sprung, and with it comes muddy roads and potholes. We want to help make sure your ride stays smooth as you get out there to enjoy the spring weather! 

Struts and shocks are the most important part of keeping your car from jostling you around as you drive. 

Most cars use shocks, struts, or some combination of both, but just like most car parts, shocks and struts can wear down over time and your vehicle quality will start to deteriorate. The issue is that most people ignore these parts of suspension until it is very obvious that they need to be replaced. You’ll want to keep an exceptionally close eye if you tend to drive on unpaved roads or do a lot of towing. We’re here to help you keep your eyes out for signs that your shocks and springs need some care!



Struts are a combination of shocks and other suspension components. It needs to be able to handle vertical and horizontal shock. A few signs that your struts might be in need of some care are:

  • Your vehicle feels unstable at high speeds
  • Vibration when accelerating 
  • Uneven wear on tires


Your shocks are responsible for keeping your tires on the ground as your car hits bumps and dips by controlling the springs rebound.  There are a few things that would indicate some wear and tear:

  • Uneven braking
  • Difficulty steering 
  • Lots of bouncing
  • Uneven wear on tires


Although these pieces might break down, shocks and struts are built to last tons of miles. Under normal driving conditions you should be able to last 75,000+ miles without replacements. If you tend to drive on bumpy unpaved roads or do a lot of towing you’ll need replacements sooner, around 40,000+ miles. 

If you’re worried your shocks or struts are damaged or deteriorating request an appointment with CarAdvise to get then inspected! We’re here to help stop car problems before they even happen. 

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