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Eggsalent Advice From the Head Easter Bunny – You wouldn’t ask a regular bunny about Easter, you’d ask the Bunny in charge! Same goes for cars! You wouldn’t just ask anyone about cars, you’d ask the car people, and that would be ASE Certified Technicians to be exact. 

ASE Certified GearHead

Here at CarAdvise we have the best car people – we call them GearHeads! Our GearHeads are ASE Certified Technicians who have been trained for two years and have to pass very challenging tests in order to be certified. They are available and on-call to chat with you for any car related question you might have!

Don’t know if your car needs a service? Talk to a GearHead!

Feel like the shop is overcharging for a service? Talk to a GearHead!

Wondering what that sound coming from your car is? Talk to a GearHead!


CarAdvise GearHeads have saved members thousands and thousands of dollars on car care. They’re the best in the biz, and they’re here for you! Just click the orange chat button at the bottom right of your CarAdvise Dashboard to get connected with a GearHead today!

Check out our How It Works page to learn more about what kind of help CarAdvise can offer you!

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