Tire Tips – How To Keep Your Tires In Good Shape


Tire Tips – How To Keep Your Tires In Good Shape & How To Replace Your Tires When Its Time

On today’s tire tips we’re going to tell you how to keep your tires in tip-top shape. We’re also going to tell you how to know when to replace them when that day actually comes. You probably feel like we talk about tires a lot, that’s because they are super important. Tires are one of the most important parts of your car. The wear and tear that they go through can build up and if you don’t keep an eye on them you might be replacing them sooner than you expect. 

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First and most importantly – make sure you’re getting your tires rotated on a regular schedule. This will prevent your tires from wearing unevenly so they last longer. The best part – CarAdvise will remind you when it’s time to get them rotated according to your manufacturer.


Next, make sure you’re keeping an eye on your tire tread. This will help you decide when your tires are too worn and have lost their grip. Be sure to never let your tire’s tread depth go lower than 2/32 of an inch or you might be facing some scary driving scenarios.


A common sense piece of tire upkeep is to make sure that your tires are inflated to the correct tire pressure. When they are at the correct pressure they are able to grip the road better. Pro tip – you’ll also save yourself on gas mileage!


Lastly, but certainly not least – get your wheels aligned once or twice a year! Making sure your wheels aligned will help your fuel economy and will help your tire wear evenly similar to having them rotated. 


Alright, so that’s how you keep your tires in good condition. This way you’ll be able to use tires for longer, saving money on tires and in most cases, gas mileage too.

When it does come time to replace those tires here are some easy tips and tricks if buying new tires feels daunting. If you have more questions about when to get your tires changed, check out what our partners Firestone have to say!

First, don’t be afraid to get the same or similar tires to the ones that came on your car. Your car was built to have those tires, so it can only be a positive match!


Second, maybe you only need a front one replaced because of damage or something else. Don’t replace only one tire! If you need to replace one of your front tires you’ll need to replace both. If you only replace one the wear will be different and your wheels will be uneven which is not good for your car!


The last but most important piece of buying new tires – where to get them! Lucky for you we have the perfect solution. Log on to your CarAdvise account and in common services click “New Tires.” BOOM, welcome to TireLinc


TireLinc is the most convenient place to compare prices, buy tires  and even schedule installations. The best part is that we can easily show you which tires match your vehicle and offer you discounted pricing on all of them! This is the future of tire buying! In the future buying tires is conveniently online and stress free! Head to your CarAdvise account today and start shopping! 

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