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There aren’t many trends that persist through the generations. Things like trendy clothes, hairstyles, music, movies and even jargon seems to have a moment in time. In thinking about trends and what’s in and what’s out, we had to think about the things that have managed to traverse the years of changing trends. Although it’s easier to throw away out-of-date clothes or change your hairstyle it’s a lot harder to change what car you drive. We’re thinking, that’s why certain old cars have managed to stay relevant even now in 2021. 


There are certain cars that you see on the street and you know exactly when they’re from. Unlike most things, knowing these are old cars does not make them lame! (crazy right?) These are those old classics that everyone knows and loves. And maybe that’s why we still see them on the road!


  1. Ford Mustang – You really can’t beat the Mustang. A late 60’s model of the Ford Mustang is definitely the classic look, but no matter what model of this legendary car you drive people will be staring. old cars
  2. Chevy Pickup – You know which one we’re thinking of, that classic pickup that makes you think of a country song in the field. This car may never go out of style, it’s too nostalgic.
  3. VW Bus – If there were such a thing as an icon in the bus/van world this would be it. Nothing makes us want to pack our lives into a bus and road trip across the country more than the classic Volkswagen Bus.
  4. Classic Jeep Cherokee – If Jeep has done anything well it’s been staying relevant. From off-roaders to city drivers, the people love a Jeep and nothing beat the classic Jeep Cherokee from the early 2000’s.
  5. VW Beetle – Volkswagen for the win again with the Beetle aka the bug. We’ve all stared at a yellow Beetle as it drives by. That car really embodies joy and fun, right?
  6. Pontiac Firebird – Now this is the ultimate ‘cool’ car. Who hasn’t dreamed of driving that fiery red Firebird? https://unsplash.com/photos/Z0iN43rOwO8?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditShareLink


Now you see what we mean by relevant right? There’s no beating these cars and the feeling you get when you see them. Part of us hopes that these cars will be on the road forever, they’re too legendary to stop!


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