Driving with a Pet? – Tips For Pet Car Safety


Anyone who has ever had a furry four-legged best friend knows that traveling with them can be less than easy. Some pets get extremely anxious in cars and others get extremely excited. Either way, if you’re driving with a pet you’ll want to be prepared so you can drive safely. So here are our tips for a fun and safe drive for you and your pet!

driving with a pet

  1. Make sure your pet has enough space. Especially if you’re taking a longer drive with your pet, they should have enough space to stand up, lay down and stretch their legs. 
  2. Block your pet from jumping into the driver’s area. Whether you use a restraint, a crate, or a pet barrier, it’s important to make sure your pet has enough space without becoming a danger to the driver’s focus. Keep in mind that whatever kind of restraint you use should keep your pet safe while allowing them to stand, sit and lay down. 
  3. Bring a water bowl (and water!) While having water sloshing around while you’re driving won’t work, putting some water out everytime you stop for gas or a bathroom break will keep your friend hydrated during long drives.
  4. Turn on your window’s child locks. You really don’t want your pet accidentally opening a window at unexpected times. 
  5. Consider getting a pet seat harness. By keeping your pup buckled up too, you can help them if an unforeseeable driving event occurs.
  6. Do not put your pet in the front seat or have them on your lap. Beyond being extremely distracting for the driver, pets can be badly hurt by falling or airbag activation. It’s in your pets best interest and safety to stay in the backseat. 
  7. For dogs, make sure you give them lots of exercise before a longer drive. This way they’ll be less nervous and more likely to lay down and take a nap.
  8. For cats, don’t forget a litter box. Cats won’t go to the bathroom outside like a dog so bring a litter box that is easy to clean and transport. 
  9. Our last, but probably most important note- NEVER leave your pet alone in the car. Car temperatures can change really quickly and are really dangerous for animals. Especially in extreme temperatures. Freezing or really hot temperatures can cause your animal to freeze or have a heat stroke within minutes. 


We know how important it is to bring your pets wherever you go, but it should be equally as important to keep them safe for the trip! Whether you’re going on a long road trip or a quick jaunt to the park, making your furry friend as comfortable as possible and as safe as possible can lead to a wonderful car experience.

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