The Best Ice Cream Shops To Drive To – Midwestern Edition


Getting ice cream is one of the most American summer pastimes we can think of. What’s better than spending the day at the beach or at the park and then heading straight for the ice cream shop? Nothing! Whether you have a local favorite or you’re happy with a DQ Blizzard – we all scream for ice cream. Because of that, we wanted to show you some of the best ice cream shops in the country! Call it an ice cream road trip or maybe you’ll stumble on one randomly, nevertheless we wanted to share what we’ve found. 


Since we here at CarAdvise are from Chicago, we call the Midwest our home. So for the first installment of the best ice cream shops in the country – a road trip, we’re taking you to some of the best ice cream shops in the Midwest. Without further ado, these are the shops you’ll want to hit:

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Sassy Cow Creamery Columbus, Wisconsin

Ok we know we’re talking about ice cream here, but Sassy Cow really knows how to do everything dairy. Not only do the brother’s who run the creamery make out of this world ice cream, but they do an incredible grilled cheese too… 


Moomers Traverse City, Michigan

When in northern Michigan this place is a necessity. With a choice of 160 ice cream flavors you can hang out on the farm and say hi to the animals that provided you the dairy! We have to recommend the Michigan specialty – Superman, or in Moomers case – SuperMoo.


Margie’s Candies Chicago, Illinois

If you’re looking for a sundae in Chicago this is the place to be. Margie’s has a nostalgic feel and ice cream to die for. This is the perfect ice cream date spot in the city this summer!


Kelley Country Creamery Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Alright so you’d have to drive to the middle of nowhere to get this ice cream, but we promise it’s worth it. On this family-run, 200-acre farm you’ll find some amazingly fresh ice cream.


Izzy’s St. Paul, Minnesota

The wife and husband duo who started Izzy’s have managed to make an Ice Cream shop that now everyone can love. You can even have their ice cream shipped to you if you live in the Midwest!


Well there you have it! The ultimate midwest ice cream tour! Cheers to summer sundaes!


Still craving more? Check out Part 2 of this list, where we look at ice cream shops from around the country.

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