Top Summer Repairs – What Your Car Might Need This Summer


What does your car need this summer?

As seasons change we tend to change with them. We might change our home decor to fit the time of year, swap out clothes to fit the weather better, but did you know that your car also reacts to the changing of seasons too? No, it doesn’t change out its clothes like us, but the weather and environment that you’re driving in can correlate to some repairs. You can save money and get all of your summer repairs done easily with CarAdvise. Here are some summer repairs that most commonly pop up in this season!



This is most likely happening because you’re using your Air Conditioning (AC) a lot in the summer and AC systems have a lot of points for error. You might be able to avoid this by getting your AC checked in the months before the heat hits!

summer repairs


This repair also makes a lot of sense for the summertime. When the temperatures are hot your car doesn’t get as much natural cool weather coming through it. Because of this your engine cooling system has to work harder and is more prone to breaking.



Similar to other summer repairs, you’re most likely using your window more in the warm weather. Because of the extra use it is definitely more likely to need fixing. 


The best thing you can do for yourself in all of these situations is to get a general vehicle check before the summer months hit. This way, a shop will be able to spot something before it breaks on you. Preventative checks are one of the best things you can do for your vehicle and yourself this summer! You don’t want to stop having your summer fun to attend to car repairs! Request an appointment through CarAdvise soon so you can hit the road safely this summer!


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