Most famous ice cream shops to drive to (Part 2)

As the summer heat keeps building, now is truly the best time to treat yourself to a delicious frozen dessert. Us here at CarAdvise are certainly fond of ice cream, and we’ve previously mapped out some of the best ice cream stops in the Midwest. But we can’t just leave out the rest of the country and their delicious frozen offerings. If you want to further your ice cream education, these shops are must-do’s on your next ice cream roadtrip. 


No doubt that any ice cream shop you’ll find will hit the spot, but if you’re in search of something truly special, this is the list for you! Some of the most notable shops to fill your cravings:


Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery

St. Louis, Missouri

Handcrafted in small batches and made with all natural ingredients, Clementine’s is sure to serve up completely unique ice cream. With multiple locations across St. Louis, this stop is one even harder to pass up.


Mommon’s Ice Cream

Dover, Delaware

If you’re looking for small, mom and pop shop vibes, Mommon’s Ice Cream is surely going to delight you! This all-American ice cream shop turns out both classic and experimental flavors, and there’d be something perfect for everyone in your family.


Azucar Ice Cream Company

Miami, Florida

Located in the heart of Miami, this ice cream parlor offers signature flavors with a Cuban twist. Sweet plantain, Cuban coffee and Oreo, and cinnamon oatmeal cookie are only some of the extremely unique and delicious offerings!


Thai Fresh

Austin, Texas

For all our vegan friends out there, don’t worry, we’ve found an amazing spot for you to check out! Thai Fresh in Austin, Texas serves up gourmet vegan ice cream made from a coconut milk base. Their ice cream can be eaten alone, or paired with their signature sweet sticky rice to truly make this dessert authentic and unique.



Santa Barbara, California

McConnell’s has been making delicious ice cream in California since 1949. This is an unbeatable spot if you’re in Santa Barbara, as it’s been hailed “the best ice cream in the world”.


And there you have it! We hope you get a chance to have a fun summer adventure and take a stop at some of these delicious ice cream shops. Cheers to summer sundaes!


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out part 1 – our Midwestern Edition of this list.

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