The Types of Cars You See During Summer

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Summer is joyride season! From weekend drivers to car enthusiasts, drivers all across the country are riding with style. We here at CarAdvise love to see the variety of nice cars out on the roads this time of year and we’d like to share some of our favorite types of cars we’ve spotted this summer.


Vintage cars

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Sure, they may be half a century old or older, but what they lack in novelty they make up for in class and engineering ingenuity. Born in a time before fuel efficiency and widespread automatic transmission, joyrides in these cars are usually reserved for the warm summer months and clear weather conditions. You can often find a few vintage cars at local car meets and auto shows showing off their beautiful engine build or wonderful interiors.


Muscle cars

muscle car

Dodge Challenger. Ford Mustang. Chevrolet Camaro. These are all examples of modern American muscle cars. While these cars have their origins in the 1960s, muscle cars have made a comeback in recent years as manufacturers have revitalized and updated their classic designs. Distinguished by their bright colors and high horsepower, these muscle cars are built for power and torque. You can feel it when you hear the low grumble of the engine!


Convertible cars

Convertibles are a classic staple of summer driving vehicles. More convertibles can be seen driving with their tops down due to the warmer weather. Convertibles come in all types and sizes – from cars like the Toyota Solara for an affordable and economical convertible to high-end convertibles like Ferraris or Lamborghinis. Even the muscle and vintage cars that we have mentioned already can sometimes come in convertible models. With the sun shining and the wind blowing in your hair, the convertible is quite the summer drive experience.


Luxury and nice cars

Although it’s true that you can spot a luxury car year-round, there are definitely a lot more high-end luxury vehicles going for cruises in the summer. Luxury cars encompass a wide range of vehicle types, including sedans, coupes, SUVs, and sports cars. They can easily be spotted by their sleek designs and elegant finishes. Look for luxury cars from brands like Mercedes-Benz,  BMW, Porsche, Maserati and many more! Many models from these brands will make you glance in enjoyment when you spot them.



racing car

Last but not least let’s not forget about the exciting sport of racing! Racing cars are special engineered and custom-built for racing around the track. Adored by many fans across the country, the racing season picks up in the summer months with many big racing events – including the Indy 500 – scheduled. Racing cars are a delight as they push the mechanical capabilities of cars to their limits, making them a marvel to enjoy.


Those are the most common types of cars you see during the summer. Which one is your favorite? Whichever it is, embrace and admire the many that you get to see on the open road this summer.


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