Most Unique Road Signs

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There are tons of street signs you’re going to encounter while driving on the road: hazard signs, informational signs, speed limits, and more. However, with just a little bit of chance and luck, you may come across a road sign that is truly unique – one that makes you scratch your head and think “what on earth?” Here are some pictures of the most unique road signs that drivers have come across


Airplane crossing

street signs

You’ve seen children crossing and you’ve seen wildlife crossing, now get ready for airplane crossing. Seriously, how often or even likely are you to share the road with an airplane? This type of street sign surely raises a few questions (and eyebrows).


If you hit this, you’ll hit bridge

road signs

A creative solution to the problem of trucks underestimating the amount of clearance they have and striking a bridge that is too low for them. Usually you’ll see more standard street signs indicating the amount of clearance right before the bridge, but this sign takes a more direct approach to cautioning drivers in taller vehicles. You have to wonder if this unique sign was made after too many drivers ignored the previous ones.


Caution: Flying car

street signs

This unique road sign seems like it could be a misprint. I mean, what exactly are we supposed to make of this sign? It appears to just be a car floating in mid-air with no other indication as to what we are supposed to watch out for. Street signs like these are a mystery to interpret and certainly are unique.


Secret Nuclear Bunker

road signs

Now that you’ve announced it with a street sign, it’s not so secret anymore, is it? Not-so-secret nuclear bunkers aren’t exactly an everyday encounter, so a sign like this is a true rarity. Perhaps your curiosity may lead you to take a left turn and see the secret nuclear bunker for yourself. Remember: no photography permitted – it’s a secret!


Sign not in use

street signs

What better way to indicate that a sign is not in use than… with a sign. This falls under the category of street signs that are truly perplexing. Why not just remove the sign altogether? Seeing a sign like this on the road can cause a great chuckle over it’s sheer uselessness.



street signs

A street sign that will truly make you ponder. This may be a sign to indicate the direction of an information center of some kind, but we’d like to think that it’s pointing toward a surprise for the driver to discover. Checking out what lies ahead after this sign will surely lead the more inquisitive bunch on a small detour.


Turn right to go left

street signs

It’s just like Doc taught us in the Disney-Pixar film Cars – sometimes, you have to turn right to go left. This is a particularly useful street sign as it’s not often that you have to make a maneuver like this so it may not be so self-intuitive. This sign is definitely unique in how uncommon it is to encounter.


That’s it for our collection of the most unique road signs. Maybe you’ll one day come across street signs even more unique and rare than these, or perhaps you’ve even encountered one of these before. Either way, it’s fun to check out and admire these less common and more unique road signs.

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