Simple Guide to Car Washes

drive through car wash

Dirty car? That means it’s time to go in for a wash. Washing your car regularly is the most basic kind of car upkeep you’ll do, but with many different types of car washing services available, it might be a little difficult to choose one for you and your car. 


Today we will discuss:

🔷 What the different types of car washes are

🔷 What’s unique about each type of car wash

🔷 When each type of car wash is perfect for you


Let’s get started!


Automated Car Wash


You might also refer to this type of wash as a drive through car wash. With this type of wash, you pull your car up onto a conveyor belt that moves you along through a series of brushes. Soap and water is dispensed as the brushes clean your car automatically. Automated car washes are quick and affordable, usually only costing between $5-15. A great choice when you’re on a tighter schedule and just need a basic wash.


Self Car Wash


On the opposite end of the spectrum from automated car washes, a self car wash will leave the labor up to you. Self car washes will provide you with the water hose, sponge, and soaps that you need to get the job done. Be sure to check if you need your own towels to dry the car afterwards. A self car wash is an excellent choice if your car is very dirty with grime or mud so that you can get in all little spaces or also a good choice if you are just detail-oriented and want to do the wash to your standards.


Hand Car Wash


A hand car wash is done by professionals using the best supplies to clean every inch of your car in meticulous detail. Hand car washes will use sponges and microfiber towels to clean and dry each section of your car individually. Hand car wash professionals will use different sponges and towels on your painted surfaces versus your tire and wheel wells to maximize cleanliness. You also have the option of getting additional waxing, detailing, and interior cleaning done. A hand car wash is the best option if you want the best cleaning job and have the money and time for it.


Soft-Touch Car Wash


A soft touch car wash is a type of automated car wash that uses thick cloths in place of brushes to protect your vehicle. Standard automated washes use brushes that can sometimes be abrasive and leave scratches on your car. A soft touch wash avoids that by using thick cloths instead, plus they tend to have a more thorough clean this way. Get a soft touch car wash if you want an automated wash but are at all concerned with damage being done to your vehicle.


No-touch car wash


No-touch car washes go a step further than a soft touch car wash and are completely brush and cloth free. They only utilize soap and high-pressure water to get the job done. They also use less water than other types of car washes, so if you are looking for the most environmentally-friendly option, this one is it. A no-touch car wash is the best option if you are looking to completely eliminate the risk of scratches and damage to your car while also staying cost-efficient. 


Those are all the different car wash options that are available to you. We hope this has helped you understand the different kinds of car washes and pick the type that’s best for you. Now all that’s left to do is get out there and enjoy that new wash shine!

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