7 Essential Road Trip Must Haves

road trip essentials

Road trips are awesome; they create beautiful memories that last a lifetime. It might take a lot longer to reach your destination than a flight, but to many, it’s more peaceful and the only way to truly see the world. However, these wonderful experiences can also be ruined if you forget to bring the essentials.



7.   GPS

Roughly 80% of American adults own a smartphone, making road tripping a lot easier and efficient. However, if you are going through a remote part of the country, mountains, tunnels or somewhere out of range of your service provider, you may lose signal. Because we are so dependent upon GPS, make sure you have multiple backup chargers just in case as constant screen time drains your battery. It’s best to keep an old school map in your glovebox for said emergencies.



car gps for road trips



 6. Good Beats

It’s very important to keep the mood and morale high when you’re on the road for a long time. And what better way to do that than through a good music playlist! It’s best to prepare a playlist prior to your road trip and not count on the radio as your options will be minimal. Same applies for apps like Spotify or Pandora because cell service can equally be as spotty. Another option: books on tape! Swap out a tape depending upon your mood: comedy, autobiography, NY Times Best Seller or romance novel.




road trip tips



5. Snacks & Drinks

Traveling long stretches with limited access to food can be a nightmare. Don’t wait until the nearest rest stop or fast-food joint hundreds of miles away, pack snacks such as: fruits, nuts potato chips, granola bars or jerky. High protein foods will keep you fueled the longest. Water is best as it tastes fine at room temperature, whereas juices, energy drinks or pop do not. Pro tip: bring a bag to put all your wrappers in since there will be many!



road trip essentials


4. Bathroom Essentials

Don’t forget to take necessary products with in case you need to make a pit stop and there’s no restroom available. Public restrooms and gas stations are not always on the horizon for long road trips, nor are they consistently stocked with what you need. So it is necessary to bring toilet paper, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer in case you get in a bind.



road trip essentials



3. Comfortable Clothes

When going on a road trip, slip into your most comfortable cloths because you will be sitting in the same spot for hours! Flip flops or sandals are best, slip them off and put your feet on the dash or catch a breeze out the window!



road trip essentials



2. Camera

Everything is a polaroid moment when on a road trip. Don’t only count on your phone to catch the best moments as you may need it for music, navigation or it might be charging. It’s always best to be extra prepared so you never miss a precious moment.



road trip essentials


1.   Complete Auto Maintenance

Before you leave for a road trip, make sure your vehicle is up to date on routine maintenance. Nothing is worse than a car breaking down but it takes it to another level when you are out of town, especially when you are extremely far away from a shop. Most important will be an oil change, tire rotation and wheel alignment, but it’s best to check with the manufacturer’s recommendations’ when you plan to put on so many miles.

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