How to Remove Bumper Stickers and Car Decals

bumper sticker

If the old slogans on your bumper stickers are annoying or you’re looking to sell your vehicle, you can use different procedures to cleanly remove bumper stickers and car decals. Since they are glued strongly, you need to loosen or weaken their grip from your car first.

Here we explain the things you can do to remove your bumper stickers mess free:


Wipe with a Clean Cloth


First, use a clean piece of cloth and wipe off the dirt from your bumper sticker. Depending on how dirty your bumper sticker is, you can use a damp or dry cloth. Grime and dirt removal will help you in the next step.


Blow a Dryer

blow dryer

For this step, you’ll need a hair dryer or heat gun. Adjust the dryer to its hottest setting and hold it 6 inches from your car’s bumper sticker. Blow hot air to the sticker’s mid-region, and then on its edges. Don’t hold your dryer in one place for too long or you may cause the sticker to melt.


Use Steam


If you use a clothes steamer to remove wrinkles from your suits, apply steam to your car’s bumper sticker for 30-60 seconds. Like the dryer, keep it at a distance of 6 inches to prevent damage to the sticker’s surface. Slowly move it around the entire sticker and ensure that each edge becomes loose enough.


Pour Boiled Water


Not everyone has a hair dryer or clothes steamer. If you are one of those people, you can simply use boiled water as a heat source. Bring boiled water to your car and carefully pour it on your bumper sticker so that its glue loosens up. Also, ensure that water makes contact with all the edges and the middle area of the sticker so you can peel it off without much effort.


Scrape off the Sticker

Now that you have used all possible heat-based techniques to weaken and remove bumper stickers, get a plastic scraper tool or even a credit card and slip it to your sticker’s edge. Then carefully scrape off the sticker. Peel it up gently to ensure that your car’s surface does not get damaged. If you think it is still strongly glued, go back to the beginning steps and use extra heat.


Eliminate Stickiness

After you remove bumper stickers, you might feel some stickiness on the areas where they were stuck. You can make use of a damp microfiber towel, soak it with some alcohol, and wipe the affected area. Ideally, it will eliminate all the residue of the sticker, allowing your surface to look clean and polished.

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