Bright Lights Big City-Tips For When Your Engine Light Is On

engine light

It’s always a bit of a gut punch when your check engine light glows demon-like from your dash. You have thoughts like “what could it be?” “how much is this going to cost?” “can I make it to the mechanic?” Well, we understand how stressful that can be. So we wanted to talk about what […]

Take a Break From Brake Shopping!

car brakes replacing

Most Brake Repairs Are Priced Up-Front  – Making Brake Shopping A Show Stopper    One of the many perks of being a CarAdvise member is that you get to see and compare prices before you book an appointment. This means no surprises at the shop. Not only do you get to see the price before […]

RepairSmith Announces Strategic Partnership with CarAdvise to Bring Its Members At-Home Car Repair and Maintenance

LOS ANGELES , Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, RepairSmith, the company whose mission is to deliver convenient auto repair everywhere, announces a new strategic partnership with CarAdvise, the largest online marketplace for vehicle maintenance and repair. Through the partnership, CarAdvise members now have access to RepairSmith’s convenient at-home services. Through its innovative platform, CarAdvise members can schedule appointments, approve and […]