Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

driving school

Rain is a common weather event that impacts driving conditions and the way we drive. Rainy days can cause reduced visibility and slicker road conditions, which could become hazardous if you’re not cautious. For some of us, it may have been a while since driving school, so we want to provide a brief overview on […]

Most Unique Road Signs

street signs

There are tons of street signs you’re going to encounter while driving on the road: hazard signs, informational signs, speed limits, and more. However, with just a little bit of chance and luck, you may come across a road sign that is truly unique – one that makes you scratch your head and think “what […]

Common Things Your Car Needs To Run Well

car maintenance and repair

Having your car run well means keeping up with regular car maintenance and repair, but what does regular car maintenance look like? Of course, it may vary depending on the type of car you drive, but there are a few common things that every car needs in order to run smoothly and great. Below we’ve […]

Labor Day: Celebrating Your Local Car Mechanic

car mechanic

We here at CarAdvise know the hard work, discipline, and attention to detail required to be a good car mechanic. That’s why this Labor Day, we want to take some time to acknowledge the greatness that is your everyday car mechanic.   Let’s face it: car mechanics know all the technical stuff so that we […]

Don’t Get Stuck – Get Smart

Get smart with Elite Membership!

CarAdvise Elite gives you Roadside Support   Having your car break down unexpectedly can be a real drag. It’ll leave you stuck on the side of the road as you stressfully try to find someone to help you. But, that doesn’t have to be you!   Don’t get stuck – get smart with roadside support […]

You Say Potato, We Say Oil Change….

You Say Potato, We Say Oil Change

Searching for the best car care shop can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be. CarAdvise allows you to see all of the car care shops around you and find the best price for the service you need. Plus, by booking through CarAdvise you’ll save 25% on average versus booking through the shop! […]

Answers to Common Car Battery Questions

how long to car batteries last

Your car battery is an essential and critical component of your car’s hardware. That being said, you may find yourself having some questions about your battery. Here, we’ve compiled the most common car battery questions and answered them for you.   How much should a car battery cost? The cost of a new car battery […]

The Types of Cars You See During Summer

racing car, muscle car, nice cars

Summer is joyride season! From weekend drivers to car enthusiasts, drivers all across the country are riding with style. We here at CarAdvise love to see the variety of nice cars out on the roads this time of year and we’d like to share some of our favorite types of cars we’ve spotted this summer. […]

How to Jump-Start a Car

tow truck, how to jump start a car

Dead battery while out on the road? You may be able to avoid the tow truck by jump-starting your battery. A jump-start provides your dead battery with power from another car’s battery so that you can get moving on the road again. Although the process may seem tricky if you haven’t done it before, we’ve […]

Top Car Parts That Need Routine Replacement

Two mechanics working on a car

Taking care of your car through regular maintenance is vital to ensuring good car health, longevity, and safety while on the road. Part of your regular maintenance includes replacing certain key parts as they wear while you drive. Whether it’s your battery or spark plugs, keeping up with part replacements can help you avoid more […]