The national average cost for brake shoe replacement is $95

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National average cost of a Brake Shoe Replacement
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What are brake shoes and how do they work?

Brake shoes are components of a drum brake system on a vehicle. Many older makes and models featured drum brakes, especially on the rear wheels. Although they have largely taken a backseat to disc brake systems, drum brakes can still be found on a number of late model cars and trucks. Drum brakes work differently than a disc brake system, where a thick, heavy metal disc (the rotor) attached to each wheel is grabbed by a pair of brake pads from the outside, causing the wheel to slow and stop. With drum brakes, there is a steel drum, much like a deep bowl, with a pair of brake shoes suspended inside. When you press on the brake pedal, the brake shoes expand outward, rubbing against the inside of the drum. This action produces friction to slow and stop your vehicle.

Signs that my brake shoes need to be replaced

Brake shoes, like brake pads in a disc brake system, contain friction materials that are designed to wear away over time. This arrangement allows for contact between the shoes (or pads) and the drum (or rotor) without causing excessive heat and damaging metal-to-metal contact. However, when the friction material wears too thin, the metal backing plates of the brake shoes can contact the inside of the drum and cause significant damage. Therefore, it is important to recognize the signs of brake shoes that are nearing time for replacement. Symptoms include

Loss of braking power or increased stopping distances

You hear scraping, squeaking, or grinding noises

The brake shoe warning indicator comes on

Your brake warning light comes on


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How is this service performed

How is a Brake Shoe Replacement done?

Unlike a disc brake system, where the brake pads are readily accessible once the brake caliper is removed, drum brakes include a system of springs, retainers, adjusters, and other components to actuate the brake shoes. So, with your vehicle safely lifted and supported off of the ground and the wheels removed, a mechanic will need to do the following to access and replace your brake shoes

  • Remove the brake drum and replace or resurface the drum (Note


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