The national cost for disc brake pad wear sensor replacement is between $19 and $154 with an average of $49

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National average cost of a Brake Pad Wear Sensor Replacement
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What is a brake pad wear sensor and how does it work?

There was a day when the only way to know if your brake pads were wearing out was either to remove the wheels and tires and inspect the system or to wait until you heard a telltale squealing noise coming from the brakes when you pressed the pedal. Actually, some vehicle makes and models still feature those old-school brake pad “wear indicators”, tiny metal mechanisms attached to the brake pads that make contact with the rotor (and squeal) when the brake pads are nearing the end of their lives. Today, however, many late-model vehicles are equipped with electronic sensors attached to (or part of) the brake pads. These modern brake pad wear sensors inform the vehicle’s computer that the pads are low and need to be replaced.

What are the signs that a brake pad wear sensor needs to be replaced?

A brake pad wear sensor is typically a one-time-use component. Once the brake pads wear thin enough that the attached electrode contacts the brake rotor, it breaks and causes a change in resistance that tells the computer that the pads need to be changed. Therefore, if the brake service indicator lights up on your dashboard, it is time to replace the sensors along with the brake pads.


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How is this service performed

How is a Brake Pad Wear Sensor Replacement done?

Replacement of a brake pad wear sensor is typically done at the same time your brake pads are changed. In order to perform the service, a mechanic will first need to safely lift and support your vehicle off of the ground and remove the wheels and tires for access to the brakes. From there, the procedure depends to some extent on whether the sensor is part of the brake pads or a stand-alone component. In general, the mechanic will take the following steps

  • Remove the brake caliper pins to split the caliper from its bracket to expose the brake pads
  • Trace the sensor wire to the location of its harness plug
  • Disconnect the plug from the vehicle wiring harness
  • In some cases, detach the sensor from the brake pads
  • Remove and replace the brake pads
  • Re-route the sensor wire carefully and reconnect to the harness
  • Connect the sensor to the brake pads (if necessary)
  • Complete the balance of the brake service, including caliper service and rotor replacement or resurfacing


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