EGR Valve Replacement cost in North Port in 2023

The average cost for an egr valve replacement is $215 and the range is generally between $17 and $495.

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EGR Valve Replacement costs by shop in North Port.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $43 on EGR Valve Replacement.


Average cost of EGR Valve Replacement for popular vehicle models in North Port:


What is an EGR valve and how does it work?

The exhaust gas recirculation valve, more popularly known as an EGR valve, is a component of your vehicle’s emission control system. The EGR valve helps your engine to run more efficiently, consume less fuel, and put out fewer emissions.

The EGR accomplishes this by recirculating specific amounts of exhaust gases into the intake system and ultimately back into the combustion chamber. When that happens, the chemical makeup of the air entering the engine changes, decreasing the amount of oxygen so that combustion temperatures are reduced. In the process, less of the hazardous nitrogen oxide gas byproduct of combustion is produced. This allows for a cleaner and more efficient exhaust system.

EGR valves can be electronically controlled or vacuum operated, depending on your vehicle make and model.


What are signs that the EGR valve in my vehicle needs to be replaced?

When the EGR valve on your engine fails, the symptoms are similar to those of other engine problems. Still, if the component goes bad, you might notice one or more of the following signs:

Pinging, rattling, or knocking noises coming from your engine while accelerating

Reduced power, poor acceleration, or rough idle

The check engine light comes on

Reduced fuel efficiency


How does a technician perform EGR Valve Replacement ?

EGR valve replacement will differ from one vehicle make and model to the next. The procedure will also depend on the style of valve used on a particular engine. In general, a technician will take the following steps to replace an EGR valve:

  • Remove the engine cover to gain access to the EGR valve
  • Loosen the electrical cable on the valve and disconnect the electrical wires
  • Detach the vacuum lines (if applicable)
  • Unbolt the fasteners that hold the EGR valve in place
  • Remove the valve from the engine
  • Clean the mounting surface and install new component and gasket
  • Torque all fasteners
  • Reattach the electrical wires and/or vacuum lines
  • Using a scan tool, clear the diagnostic codes to reset the check engine light
  • Test drive your vehicle to verify the repair


Is it better to clean or replace an EGR valve?
It is not a bad idea to have the EGR valve on your engine cleaned occasionally, every fifty thousand miles or so. As long as the carbon deposits are minimal, the process of cleaning and reinstalling the valve is fairly simple. If, on the other hand, the buildup of contaminants inside the components of the EGR valve are significant, it should be replaced with a new part.
What happens if you don't replace a bad EGR valve?
A bad EGR valve can lead to issues with your engine, such as rough idle, poor acceleration, knocking, and more. Fuel mileage will decrease and the amount of harmful emissions will rise. Your vehicle might not pass an emissions test. If you do not properly maintain the EGR valve or replace it when it fails, your engine will not run as it should.
Can I replace my own EGR valve?
The process to replace a bad EGR valve is not overly complicated. But that is not to say that you should attempt the repair yourself. At the very least, a diagnostic scan tool is required in order to properly diagnose a faulty EGR valve and is necessary to clear the trouble codes and reset the check engine light. Because the symptoms of a bad EGR valve mirror those of other engine problems, accurate diagnosis is essential.

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