A Fender Liner Replacement cost in Bayonne in 2023

The average cost for a front fender liner with CarAdvise is $194 and the range is generally between $76 and $460.

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A Fender Liner Replacement costs by shop in Bayonne.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $39 on A Fender Liner Replacement.


Average cost of A Fender Liner Replacement for popular vehicle models in Bayonne:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Fender Liner Replacement

What is a fender liner and how does it work?

A fender liner (sometimes called a “front fender liner”) is a vehicle body component that is designed to shield other components from moisture, dirt, and debris.

The outer body panels at the front of your vehicle along each side of the hood and directly ahead of the front doors are called fenders. A fender is made of the same material as the rest of the vehicle body, typically stamped sheet metal. Most fenders form a hollow shell that helps to lend shape to the front of a vehicle.

Because the fender is usually hollow, any contaminants - water, snow, salt, dirt, and debris - that can be kicked up by the front tires would become trapped on the inside. The engine compartment would also be subject to the elements as well. That is to say, if a fender liner was not in place.

The fender liner is a thin, dome-shaped plastic (sometimes metal) panel attached to the inner edges of the fender and to the body structure. The liner forms a semi-hollow well that the wheel can travel in along with the suspension. Held in place with clips and screws, the fender liner provides a dirt and moisture proof covering for the inside of the fender and the engine compartment.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a fender liner replaced?

The fender liner on many older vehicles, those produced decades ago, were often made of sheet metal. Those liners were difficult to remove and install and were subject to corrosion. A rusted fender liner - or one that was damaged in an impact - would need to be replaced.

Modern fender liners are made of thin, lightweight plastic. Although tricky to replace in some cases, they are far simpler and more versatile than the old metal components. Unfortunately, they are more susceptible to damage from road debris than metal liners. If you run over a foreign object in the road, it is quite possible that the fender liner might become damaged. Same goes if you run over a parking block or other obstruction.

With a plastic liner, you will know you need a new one if its mounting surfaces are torn away from the fender, body structure, or lower part of the front bumper. A strip or flap of plastic hanging out of the fender well or coming into contact with the front tire would indicate that a new fender liner needs to be installed.

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How does a technician perform A Fender Liner Replacement ?

To replace a fender liner, a technician will first need to lift and support your vehicle in the air and remove the front wheel and tire for access. From there, the process differs from older vehicles with metal liners to newer vehicles with plastic liners. In general, a technician will take the following additional steps:

  • Unscrew the fender liner from its mounting clips in the lower region of the front bumper or lower engine cover (or remove the push-style clips)
  • Remove the fasteners that connect the liner to the body structure and to the fender
  • Untuck the fender liner from the edge of the fender and extract it from the vehicle
  • Insert the new fender liner, tuck it into the edge of the fender, and align all edges in the orientation of the original liner
  • Install all fasteners
  • Reinstall the wheel and tire and lower the vehicle to the ground


How do fender liners get damaged?
Most of the time, a fender liner becomes damaged when a driver is unable to avoid running over debris in the road or drives over a parking block or other obstruction. In some cases, cold weather can cause a plastic liner to become brittle, making it more readily susceptible to damage. Certainly, if a vehicle receives an impact to a corner of the front bumper or to the fender, the liner could also become damaged.
How important is a fender liner?
A fender liner is in place to protect your engine compartment, body structure, and the inside of the fender from contaminants that can cause corrosion, such as water, mud, salt, and more. If the fender liner is missing, snow and mud (among other things) can become trapped along the inside of the fender and inside the engine compartment.
How do you fix a broken fender liner?
Plastic fender liners can sometimes be repaired through a plastic welding process. It is more common, however, to simply replace a fender liner with a new one. If it is to be welded, it is essential that the type of plastic be accurately identified and the correct welding rod be selected.

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