Fuel Filter Replacement cost in Burbank in 2023

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Fuel Filter Replacement costs by shop in Burbank.

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THE IMPORTANCE OF Fuel Filter Replacement

What is a fuel filter and how does it work?

A fuel filter is an essential part of the fuel delivery system in your vehicle. It is responsible for removing contaminants from the gasoline before it enters your engine. Fuel can pick up contaminants from a number of sources, including debris in your fuel tank, dust in the air when filling up the tank, corrosion caused by moisture in the tank, and even particles and abrasives left over from the refinery process. If left unfiltered, contaminated fuel can clog fuel injectors and damage engine components. Mounted on the main fuel line underneath your vehicle, the fuel filter is a canister that contains a pleated paper or polyester material that captures unwanted particles as gasoline passes through.


How do I know if a fuel filter needs to be replaced?

When a fuel filter becomes clogged with debris, it will prevent an adequate flow of gasoline to your engine. Signs of a bad fuel filter might be intermittent or they might be constant. Either way, they will likely worsen over time. Signs include:

Reduced engine power or hesitation upon acceleration

Engine misfire or rough idle

Engine stalling or refusing to start

Check engine light comes on


How does a technician perform Fuel Filter Replacement ?

The job of a fuel filter is similar to that of an oil filter, but fuel filter replacement is a bit more involved than that of an oil filter. For this service, a mechanic will often need to safely lift and support your vehicle off of the ground to access the filter. Any shields or guards that are in the way must also be removed. From there, the technician will typically do the following:

  • Remove any lines or components that are in the way
  • Depressurize the fuel system
  • Disconnect the fuel lines on both ends of the filter, often with a special service tool
  • Drain the fuel lines into a fuel-safe container
  • Disconnect the mounting brackets holding the filter to the vehicle body or frame
  • Remove the old filter and attach the new one
  • Connect the fuel lines to the new filter and replace any other components that were removed or set aside
  • Lower the vehicle and start the engine
  • Note - On some vehicles it will be necessary to bleed the air from the fuel system before the engine will run


Is it worth replacing your fuel filter?
Yes. It is worth replacing your fuel filter. In fact, fuel filter replacement is part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule. Remember, the fuel filter is what keeps the gasoline free from dirt and debris - before it enters your engine. The filter allows your engine to run at peak performance and efficiency. It is essential that you replace the fuel filter periodically to keep your engine running as it should.
Can you replace a fuel filter yourself?
There was a day when fuel filter replacement was a simple job for anyone who might also be capable of performing an oil change or air filter replacement. However, with the advent of modern high-tech emission systems and higher performance fuel filters, the service has become more complex. Not only are the fuel filters on many late model vehicles difficult to access, they often require specific tools and safety procedures to replace. For these reasons, this job is best left to a qualified technician.
How do I check my fuel filter?
Unfortunately there is no quick or easy way to check your fuel filter. Modern fuel filters are typically mounted in locations that make them difficult to observe. But even if you could see the filter on your vehicle, it will likely be made with a metal housing that prevents you from doing a visual check of the contaminants built up inside. Since a clogged filter can lead to engine problems, it makes sense to replace this relatively inexpensive component at regular intervals or anytime you suspect that the filter might be bad.

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