Fuel Pump Replacement cost in McKinney in 2023

The average cost for a fuel pump replacement is $427 and the range is generally between $101 and $862.

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Fuel Pump Replacement costs by shop in McKinney.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $85 on Fuel Pump Replacement.


Average cost of Fuel Pump Replacement for popular vehicle models in McKinney:

THE IMPORTANCE OF Fuel Pump Replacement

What is a fuel pump and how does it work?

A fuel pump is a device that draws fuel from the fuel tank and delivers it under pressure to the fuel injectors on your engine. In the past, mechanical fuel pumps were driven by the engine's camshaft. A modern fuel pump, however, consists of an electric motor that drives a fluid pump. The pump is managed by the engine control module or a separate fuel pump control module. Some fuel pumps, llike a mechanical pump, can be found outside of the fuel tank, but most are located directly inside the tank.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a fuel pump replacement?

If the fuel pump is failing, it will not be able to deliver fuel to the fuel injectors consistently or in the correct amount. If it fails completely, no fuel will make it to your engine. Signs of a bad fuel pump include:

Rough idling or engine misfire

Reduced fuel economy

Your engine is hard to start or cranks but will not start at all

The engine stalls


How does a technician perform Fuel Pump Replacement ?

Fuel pump replacement procedures differ from one vehicle make and model to the next. Since most modern fuel pumps are located inside the fuel tank, it is often necessary to remove the tank for access. Some cars come with an access hole under the rear seat where the pump can be serviced or replaced, but that is not always the case. On many cars, trucks, and SUVs, the fuel tank must be removed to gain access to the fuel pump. Some even require that the rear axle be dropped to get to the tank. Steps to replace a fuel pump include the following:

  • Disable the electrical supply to the fuel pump and relay
  • Depressurize the vehicle’s fuel system
  • Raise and support the vehicle off the ground for access
  • Drain the fuel tank
  • Remove the fuel tank from the vehicle
  • Remove the fuel pump assembly from the tank (some pumps are replaced as an assembly, others are serviceable and accept a new pump motor)
  • Separate the fuel pump from the assembly and insert a new pump
  • Reinstall the assembly and fuel tank
  • Lower the vehicle and refill the tank
  • Bleed air from the fuel system (on some models)


What happens when a fuel pump goes out while driving?
When the fuel pump fails while you are driving, your vehicle will most likely stall. Without an operational fuel pump, the fuel system will lose pressure and fuel will not make it to the fuel injectors. Without pressurized fuel, the injectors no longer function properly to spray fuel into the cylinders for combustion, and your engine will be starved for fuel. Without fuel, your engine will not run.
What causes a fuel pump to go bad?
A fuel pump can fail simply because the electric motor that drives it has worn out. While a fuel pump should last the lifetime of your vehicle, sometimes it does not. The use of contaminated fuel (or allowing your car to sit for extended periods of time without fuel stabilizer) can impact its lifespan. Since the fuel serves to cool and lubricate the internal components of the fuel pump, frequently running low or out of fuel in the tank can cause premature pump failure as well.
Can a fuel pump fail suddenly?
Yes. Although a fuel pump might go bad over a period of time, it can also do so without warning. In a parking lot, idling at an intersection, or driving down the interstate. If this happens while you are driving, your engine will likely stall out and will not start again until a new pump has been installed. To decrease the possibility of a failed fuel pump, make sure to keep your fuel tank topped off.

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