MAP Sensor Replacement cost in Cypress in 2023

The average cost for a manifold absolute pressure sensor replacment is $181

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MAP Sensor Replacement costs by shop in Cypress.

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Average cost of MAP Sensor Replacement for popular vehicle models in Cypress:

THE IMPORTANCE OF MAP Sensor Replacement

What is a MAP sensor and how does it work?

The manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor is a device that is mounted to the intake manifold of your engine. This device reads the pressure inside the intake manifold and sends the resulting data to the engine control module (ECM). The ECM then uses the data to calculate the proper amount of fuel to inject into the cylinders in order to maintain the optimum air/fuel ratio and keep your engine running smoothly. In addition, other engine functions are controlled or calculated with input from the MAP sensor, such as the amount of exhaust gas that might be produced. This device works in tandem with the mass airflow sensor to adjust engine operation in response to changing conditions.


How do I know if my vehicle needs the MAP sensor replaced?

For every cubic foot of air that is drawn into the intake manifold of your engine, the combustion process requires that a specific amount of fuel be added at the same time. Data from the MAP sensor is one of the ways in which the ECM accomplishes the task. If the ECM receives bad data, or no data at all, from the MAP sensor, then the air/fuel mixture entering the cylinders will be wrong. If that mixture is incorrect, the following symptoms can occur:

Engine sputtering or popping

Engine stalls

Engine lacks power

Engine fails emission testing


How does a technician perform MAP Sensor Replacement ?

To replace the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor, a technician will likely perform the following measures:

  • Remove shields, guards, covers, or ducts on or around the engine to gain access to the manifold absolute pressure sensor
  • Disconnect the wiring attached to the sensor
  • Unfasten and remove the faulty sensor and insert the new part
  • Reconnect the wiring
  • Reinstall any shields, guards, covers, or ducts that were removed
  • Using a digital scan tool, verify accurate operation of the new manifold absolute pressure sensor


Can I drive with a broken MAP sensor?
Driving with a broken MAP (“manifold absolute pressure”) sensor may be possible, however is not recommended. If your MAP sensor is broken, the air/fuel ratio may be wrong on your engine which can cause carbon buildup, backfiring, and serious damage to your catalytic converter. Extended or high RPM operation with a faulty MAP sensor may also cause serious internal engine damage due to a lean air/fuel mixture.
Will a MAP sensor throw a code?
Yes, a bad MAP sensor will typically cause the check engine light to come on. A diagnostic scan of the vehicle’s computer will show a trouble code related to the sensor circuit.
Do MAP sensors need cleaning?
Although cleaning a MAP sensor may not hurt, it is not generally necessary. Some people tend to confuse a MAP sensor with a MAF, or mass air flow sensor, which often does require cleaning. A MAF sensor monitors the air flow into the engine through an air duct and slowly collects contaminants over time. A MAP sensor, on the other hand, is situated deeper in the engine and simply monitors pressure. It does not require the same periodic cleaning.

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