The national cost for power steering line replacement is between $50 and $439 with an average of $180

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National average cost of a Power Steering Line Replacement
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What is a power steering line and how does it work?

Power steering is a feature of nearly all vehicles on the road today. Without power-assisted steering, the sheer weight of your car, truck, or SUV would make steering very difficult, especially when your vehicle is standing still, or when parking. Although the automotive industry is beginning to see many late-model vehicles that feature electric-assist power steering systems, still most rely on hydraulic power. A power steering line is a tube that carries hydraulic oil (power steering fluid) through the steering system. The line is usually made of metal (typically aluminum) and rubber.

How do I know if a power steering line needs to be replaced?

When a power steering line goes bad, it usually causes the hydraulic fluid in the system to leak or be restricted. Though it can be difficult to see without lifting and supporting your vehicle off of the ground for access, a damaged or deteriorated power steering line might be identified by the following signs

Power steering fluid is leaking

Cracks or severe corrosion appear in the metal section of the line

A line is collapsed or kinked -The rubber portion of the line is swollen or shows signs of cracking


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How is this service performed

How is a Power Steering Line Replacement done?

Access to the power steering lines on a vehicle is often a challenge. It is necessary to open up space to remove the connectors at each end and to extract the line from its path in the engine compartment. Some power steering lines are buried behind the engine and are difficult to reach. Some require that the vehicle be lifted and supported in the air, with shields or skid plates removed. In order to replace a power steering line, a mechanic will typically need to first remove any shields or other components that are in the way. Once the line is accessible, the mechanic will do the following

  • Disconnect the power steering line at both ends by using a line wrench or by removing a retainer bolt (some require special service tools)
  • Detach any mounts connected to the line
  • Extract the line from the path upon which it is mounted
  • Snake the new line through its mounting path
  • Start the fasteners at both ends
  • Reattach any mounts connected to the line
  • Tighten all fasteners
  • Replace the lost power steering fluid and bleed the system


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