Throttle Body Replacement cost in Garden Grove in 2023

The average cost for a throttle body replacement is $122 and the range is generally between $36 and $534.

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Throttle Body Replacement costs by shop in Garden Grove.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $24 on Throttle Body Replacement.


Average cost of Throttle Body Replacement for popular vehicle models in Garden Grove:

THE IMPORTANCE OF Throttle Body Replacement

What is a throttle body and how does it work?

A throttle body is an aluminum housing mounted near the top of an engine that meters the amount of air that enters the combustion chambers. The throttle body is located between the air intake (and engine air filter) and the intake manifold. Inside the throttle body is a butterfly valve (the “throttle plate”) that opens and closes in relation to the throttle (gas pedal) position. In the case of older vehicles, the valve was actuated directly by a cable coming from the gas pedal. Newer designs rely instead on an electronic signal, with no mechanical connection between the two.

Most engines rely on a single throttle body, although some larger engines feature a separate throttle body for each bank of cylinders.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a new throttle body?

The signs of a bad throttle body mirror problems with other components, such as a transmission malfunction, fuel system failure, or faulty throttle position sensor. Fortunately, most modern engines rely on a computer, the Engine Control Module, to communicate with electronic components, including the throttle position sensor that is attached to the throttle body. So, a diagnostic scan might reveal the condition of each component. But the throttle body itself might need to be replaced if you notice one or more of the following signs:

Poor fuel economy

Reduced engine power

Engine stalling

Sudden and unexpected changes in acceleration


How does a technician perform Throttle Body Replacement ?

If the throttle body on your engine needs to be replaced, a technician will perform the following general steps:

  • Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery
  • Remove the air intake system, along with any shields, guards, covers, or ducts that prevent access
  • Disconnect the wiring to the throttle body and throttle position sensor (or the cable if the vehicle is older and does not feature “drive-by-wire” technology)
  • Remove all fasteners holding the throttle body onto the intake manifold or plenum
  • Dislodge the throttle body from the intake manifold
  • Install the new throttle body assembly and torque all fasteners to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Reinstall the air intake system and other components that were removed for access
  • Reconnect the battery
  • Attach a scan tool to the vehicle’s data port, start the engine, and observe the live data to ensure proper function of the new throttle body


What happens when a throttle body fails?
When a throttle body fails on a modern vehicle, the throttle plate inside of the throttle body usually defaults to its "at rest" position. In most vehicles, this position is purposely set by the manufacturer as being approximately 10% throttle. This is done so that if a throttle body fails, there will still be just enough power to move the vehicle over to the side of the roadway and safely park it. The check engine light will also illuminate, and the engine might run rough.
Can your car run without a throttle body?
No, your car cannot run without a throttle body. The throttle body not only regulates the air entering the engine, but also sends and receives signals to and from the engine computer which affect how much fuel is injected to maintain the proper mixture. Without the throttle body, the engine would not run.
Is it worth replacing a throttle body?
If the throttle body is indeed bad, then yes, it is worth replacing. Fortunately, problems with the throttle body often require cleaning, or that related components be replaced, such as the throttle position sensor or mass air flow sensor.

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