Throttle Position Sensor Replacement cost in Wheeling in 2023

The average cost for a throttle position sensor replacement is $376 and the range is generally between $240 and $571.

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Throttle Position Sensor Replacement costs by shop in Wheeling.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $75 on Throttle Position Sensor Replacement.


Average cost of Throttle Position Sensor Replacement for popular vehicle models in Wheeling:

THE IMPORTANCE OF Throttle Position Sensor Replacement

What is a throttle position sensor and how does it work?

A throttle position sensor is an electronic device that monitors the position of the engine throttle in your vehicle.

In order for an internal combustion engine to operate, it needs a specific mixture of air and fuel fed into the combustion chambers. On a modern engine, that is the job of a tube-shaped housing mounted on top of the engine called the throttle body. It is part of the air intake system. Inside the throttle body is a butterfly valve, a flat metal plate that opens and closes to allow varying amounts of air into the engine. When the plate is closed, the throttle body prevents air from entering your engine. When it is open, air enters and mixes with fuel to be injected into the cylinders. The more air and fuel, the more power.

But the mixture between the air and fuel must be in specific proportions, and the amounts of each must accommodate engine performance across a wide range of conditions. The throttle position sensor measures the degree to which the throttle valve is open and sends that information to the Engine Control Module (ECM) that controls engine operation. Besides monitoring the amount of air entering your engine, the data also informs other operations, such as fuel amount, ignition and camshaft timing, and more, so that your engine will run as efficiently as possible.


How do I know if my vehicle needs the throttle position sensor replaced?

A bad throttle position sensor can significantly impact the performance of your engine. Under certain conditions, it can also cause engine damage. Reduced fuel economy is likely as well. Your throttle position sensor might be bad if you notice one or more of the following signs:

A drop in fuel economy

Reduced engine power

Your engine stalls

Uneven engine idle and/or a hesitation upon acceleration


How does a technician perform Throttle Position Sensor Replacement ?

The throttle position sensor is mounted directly on the throttle body on the top of your engine. It will likely be necessary for a technician to remove engine covers, air intake ducts, or other components to gain access to the sensor. The technician will also disconnect the negative terminal on your battery, taking care to preserve the vehicle computer memory. From there, the technician will take the following general steps:

  • Disconnect the electrical connecter attached to the throttle position sensor
  • Remove the fastener(s) holding the sensor in place
  • Dislodge the sensor and remove it from the throttle body
  • Insert and fasten the new throttle position sensor
  • Reconnect the wiring harness
  • Reinstall all components that were removed for access and the battery cable
  • Adjust the sensor (if needed)
  • Clear any diagnostic trouble codes (if necessary)
  • Test drive your vehicle to allow the sensor to reset itself (and to verify the repair)


Does the throttle position sensor affect acceleration?
The throttle position sensor directly affects acceleration, as it tells the ECM (Engine Control Module) exactly how far open the engine throttle is. The ECM uses this information to calculate how much fuel needs to be injected in each cylinder to keep the engine running perfectly. If the throttle position sensor is faulty, the ECM might inject the wrong amount of fuel, and the engine may stumble on acceleration.
Does the throttle position sensor affect the transmission?
Yes, the throttle position sensor can affect how the transmission operates in some vehicles. The transmission uses input from a variety of sensors to determine things such as how hard or soft a shift should be, as well as at what engine RPM the shifts should occur. If it does not receive the proper signal from the throttle position sensor, the transmission may act up in a variety of ways.
Do throttle position sensors need to be programmed?
The short answer is yes, a new throttle position sensor needs to be “programmed” to work with your engine and Engine Control Module (engine computer, or ECM). In many cases, however, the ECM will do the work of programming on its own when the engine is running. In some cases, there might be a procedure to help the ECM do so. It may also be necessary for a technician to clear any diagnostic trouble codes that were thrown when the sensor failed.

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