A Transmission Drain and Fill cost in Cedar Hill in 2023

The average cost for a transmission drain and fill with CarAdvise is $113 and the range is generally between $10 and $287.

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A Transmission Drain and Fill costs by shop in Cedar Hill.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $23 on A Transmission Drain and Fill.


Average cost of A Transmission Drain and Fill for popular vehicle models in Cedar Hill:

Car Model

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THE IMPORTANCE OF A Transmission Drain and Fill

What is a transmission fluid drain and fill?

Your vehicle’s automatic transmission transmits power from the engine, through the drivetrain, and to the wheels. Inside the transmission is a system of gears and other moving components that are lubricated and cooled by hydraulic oil called ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). The ATF is also used to control some of the functions of the transmission through hydraulic pressure. So, the ATF serves several important roles in your transmission, therefore, it is important to replace the fluid on a regular basis.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a transmission fluid drain and fill?

The transmission fluid and filter in an automatic transmission should be changed at regular intervals, according to the recommendation of the vehicle manufacturer. But there are certain conditions that might suggest a fluid drain and fill is needed, such as:

Abnormal shifting (too abrupt or excessively soft and "mushy" shifts)

Shifting into the next gear at the wrong time (too early or too late)

Transmission overheating

Transmission slippage

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How does a technician perform A Transmission Drain and Fill ?

To drain and fill the transmission fluid, a mechanic will first need to lift and support your vehicle off of the ground to access the transmission. The process is similar to an oil change, except that it is usually necessary to remove the transmission oil pan to drain out the old fluid. For most automatic transmissions, the mechanic will need to remove the bolts that secure the pan to the transmission and lower the pan from the vehicle.

With the pan removed and the fluid drained, the magnet designed to trap metal debris must be manually cleaned. It is often recommended that the transmission filter be replaced as well, since it must be accessed by removing the pan. Still, transmission filter replacement is not necessary with a drain and fill service. Either way, the pan is reinstalled with a fresh gasket, and the transmission is refilled with fluid from either the dipstick tube or an access hole on top of the transmission, requiring a special pressure pump and adapter (an increasing element of late-model vehicles).


Should I drain and fill my transmission?
When it becomes contaminated, overheated, or worn, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) can change appearance and smell. If your fluid is no longer a pink or deep red color on the dipstick, but has turned to any shade of brown, it's likely time to drain and fill it. If the fluid smells "burnt" this is also a sign that it has been overheated and is due to be drained and filled.
What happens if you don't change your transmission fluid?
The fluid inside a transmission works to lubricate and cool the moving parts inside. It also transfers hydraulic energy to make your transmission function properly. If you don't change the fluid regularly, the fluid will eventually become contaminated and break down chemically. Once this happens, it won't protect the moving parts from wear the way it should. It may also cause malfunctions inside the transmission, and it can cause the transmission seals to degrade and leak. Ultimately, this will lead to reduced fuel efficiency and horsepower at best, and a transmission that fails prematurely at worst.
What is better, transmission flush or drain and fill?
A transmission flush is the most thorough method of replacing the hydraulic fluid in an automatic transmission. While a fluid drain and fill will allow the transmission itself to be drained of old automatic transmission fluid (ATF), it does not remove the old ATF from the torque converter or other components of the system (valve body, transmission cooler, lines, etc.). A transmission flush is the only method of replacing all of the ATF in the system. It should be noted, however, that use of the service is sometimes debated. That is due to the method that some transmission flush machines employ, using high pressure and harsh detergents that are thought to impair the function of clutch packs and polymer parts inside some transmissions. Some vehicle manufacturers specifically advise against transmission flushes in their vehicles.

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