The national cost for transmission flush is between $60 and $219 with an average of $150

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National average cost of a Transmission Flush
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What is a transmission flush?

The automatic transmission in your vehicle serves to transmit engine power through the drivetrain to the wheels. Inside your transmission is a system of gears and other moving parts that are lubricated and cooled by hydraulic oil called “automatic transmission fluid”, (or “ATF”) when the engine is running. The ATF also controls some of the transmission functions through hydraulic pressure. So, the ATF plays multiple vital roles that allow your transmission to function for many thousands of miles. Therefore, it is necessary to have the ATF replaced periodically, just as you would engine oil. A transmission flush is one method of replacing the ATF in a transmission that allows all of the fluid to be exchanged, rather than only the fluid in the transmission oil pan.

How do I know if a vehicle needs a transmission flush?

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that the ATF in their automatic transmissions be changed periodically. A transmission flush is the most complete method to change the ATF. But there are several other conditions that might indicate that a fluid flush service is needed

Your transmission shifts too abruptly, or too softly (might be described as “mushy”)

You notice that the transmission shifts into the next gear at the wrong time, either too early or too late

The transmission is overheating

The transmission is slipping


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How is this service performed

How is a Transmission Flush done?

To simply replace ATF, a mechanic will remove a drain plug from the bottom of the transmission and allow the old fluid to run out. A transmission flush, on the other hand, is the process of connecting a special transmission flush machine to your vehicle’s transmission cooling lines. The machine circulates fresh ATF throughout the transmission while, at the same time, it removes all of the old fluid. Some machines will also add a cleaning solution to help remove harmful residue inside the transmission. A transmission flush does not customarily involve replacing the transmission filter or removing the transmission pan unless specifically requested by the customer. Once all of the old ATF has been removed and the new fluid installed, the process is complete. Technician will disconnect the machine, check the fluid level, and test drive your vehicle.


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