Wheel Hub Replacement cost in Tallahassee in 2023

The average cost for a wheel hub replacement is $269 and the range is generally between $106 and $613.

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Wheel Hub Replacement costs by shop in Tallahassee.

CarAdvise Customers save an average of $54 on Wheel Hub Replacement.


Average cost of Wheel Hub Replacement for popular vehicle models in Tallahassee:

THE IMPORTANCE OF Wheel Hub Replacement

What is a wheel hub and how does it work?

Attached to each wheel on your vehicle is a wheel hub, fitted with a set of ball bearings to allow the wheel to spin freely. The wheel hub is the component that connects the wheels to the rest of the suspension. The outer surface of the wheel hub is fitted with studs or “lugs” to which the wheels are attached.


What are the signs that a wheel hub needs to be replaced?

Wheel bearings often make a telltale sound when they are going bad. You might notice a “growling” noise coming from one corner of your vehicle while driving, typically changing pitch with the speed of travel. The growling noise usually gets louder on turns when your vehicle leans toward the wheel with the bad bearing. For instance, if you have a bad right front wheel bearing, turning left will cause the vehicle to shift its weight to the right, toward the bad bearing. That is when it may be most noticeable. Severely worn or damaged wheel bearings can make a grinding noise and can be dangerous.


How does a technician perform Wheel Hub Replacement ?

The procedure to replace a wheel hub assembly varies from one vehicle to the next, but generally, a mechanic will perform the following:

  • Raise and support the vehicle to remove the wheel and tire
  • Disconnect and set aside the brake caliper
  • Remove the brake rotor (disc)
  • Remove the CV axle retaining nut (on a “driven” wheel)
  • Disconnect wheel speed sensor wiring
  • Unfasten the retaining bolts to the wheel hub
  • Remove the hub, often with assistance of a special service tool
  • Install the new wheel hub, taking care not to damage any of the speed sensor components
  • Replace all components and test drive vehicle


Can you drive with a broken wheel hub?
If your wheel hubs are beginning to show signs of wear to the bearings - the “growling” noise is not very pronounced - you may yet have some life left in them. Make sure to pay attention, though, because severely worn or damaged wheel hubs and bearings can become dangerous.
What happens when a wheel hub goes out?
Slightly worn wheel hubs and bearings may be a slight nuisance because of the sound they make. Significantly worn or damaged bearings, on the other hand, can cause a wheel to lock up or fall off while driving.
Should I replace my wheel hub or just the bearing?
Whether or not the wheel hub and bearing can be replaced independently of one another really depends on your vehicle make and model. Some wheel hubs are fitted with tapered bearing sets that can be removed and replaced. Others have sealed bearings that must be pressed into the hubs. Still, others require that both the hub and bearings be replaced as an assembly.

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