CarPerks FAQ

CarPerks is the newest employee perk program! When you enroll your company in CarPerks your employees gain access to CarAdvise, the most affordable, convenient, and affordable online car care solution platform. Members of CarAdvise receive 10-40% off retail prices on all car maintenance and repair services, and with CarPerks they receive an additional 15% off already discounted fleet prices! Members can request car service appointments, keep track of upcoming maintenance, compare prices at shops near them, all from the convenience of their phone. Your employees also receive free roadside assistance for being a part of CarPerks! CarPerks was built to help you help your employees, and help relieve the stress that comes with commuting and car care. 

To enroll in CarPerks, all you have to do is select the plan that corresponds with your company size, enter your company and payment information. We will ask you to upload your company’s logo and within 24 business hours (typically same day) our team will create an employee landing page for your company employees to sign up at with a completely custom website link.

CarPerks offers an Onboarding Resource Center for all companies that enroll in the program! When you receive your custom branded employee sign up page you will also receive the link to the resource center and the password to access it. You’ll be able to download all of the things needed to launch this program to your employees like a descriptive one-pager, onboarding email copy and poster art/website tile art- all created to help you guide your employees through the signup process. We are always available for any additional help you might need.

All they have to do is head to the custom employee sign up page that we will provide to you within 24 business hours of enrollment. Once on the webpage, your employees will be able to learn more about the CarPerks program and head to the signup page to become CarPerks powered by CarAdvise members.

We off yearly subscriptions. Once you pay for your subscription online your company will be set up with CarPerks by CarAdvise for 365 days!

Re-enrollment for CarPerks is automatic! 30 days and 15 days before your renewal date, we will send you emails reminding you that your subscription is going to be renewed soon.

If you wish to cancel your subscription or do not want to renew your subscription reach out to before your renewal date. CarPerks by CarAdvise will automatically contact you on the email address provided at sign up via email thirty (30) and fifteen (15) days prior to your renewal date. You are allowed to cancel within five (5) days of purchase and you would be issued a credit.

If your employee base exceeds the limit on your subscriber plan for more than three (3) consecutive months you will need to upgrade your plan. The upgrade will be necessary to keep all employees on the CarPerks membership. If an upgrade is not completed within thirty (30) days of notification of over-subscribed employee membership, all employees are subject to downgrade to CarAdvise basic. We will proactively be reviewing your account for status of membership and will help you with the upgrade if/when it is necessary.

If your employee base or those signed up for the program are less than the tier that you paid for, you will have the opportunity to downgrade your subscription plan for your next year’s renewal. Membership subscriptions can not be reversed based on usage or employee reduction, but can be downgraded for your next year renewal.

CarAdvise will send you a quarterly audit of your account information and numbers on request.

You can contact us via our contact page on or you can reach out to the account manager that signed or is assigned to your account.

CarPerks is powered by CarAdvise LLC. When you sign up your employees will have access to the CarAdvise platform and benefits through the CarPerks program. 

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