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Unlock New Service Opportunities from CarAdvise’s Expansive Affinity and Fleet Audiences. Be the exclusive dealer in your locality and tap into recall, maintenance, and repair services from our fleet spanning over 1.5 million vehicles

Tap into Vast Opportunities of Recalls and Maintenance

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Open Recalls

At any given time, there are hundreds of thousands of open recalls, representing a significant opportunity for dealerships. With over 335k open recalls accessible through CarAdvise, your dealership can proactively address these recalls and provide valuable service to vehicle owners​

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Maintenance Events

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential for vehicle longevity and performance. CarAdvise users account for over 4 million+ maintenance events, demonstrating the potential to capture a significant portion of this market.​

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Tire Purchases

Tires are one of the most frequently replaced vehicle components. CarAdvise records show over 2 million+ tire purchases, indicating a substantial opportunity for dealerships to provide this essential service and product.​

Key Features & Benefits

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Dealership

Exclusive Access
Premium Listing
Recall Boost
Targeted Marketing
Data Insights

Increase vehicle owners’ loyalty to your dealership

Preferred Recall Dealership

Become the Go-To Destination for Vehicle Recalls For Our Users

Accurate Service Pricing

Instill Trust with Fair and Transparent Pricing

Exhaustive Digital Marketing Engine

Maximize Visibility and Reach with Our Comprehensive Marketing Tools & Capabilities

Booking, Approving, & Payment Processing

Simplify Transactions with Seamless Scheduling, Approvals, and Payment Solutions

CDK Integration

Seamless scheduling and payment processing for a hassle-free experience

Easy Enrollment

Sign up with just a few clicks and a low monthly fee of $399 including CDK fee

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We've earned a reputation as the go-to choice for quality car care, with some of the biggest names in business reaping its benefits and improving their customer's car care experience.

New Age Fleet Management​

The Fastest-Growing Fleet Management Company in the U.S.

Our rapidly expanding network currently serves over 3,000 businesses and manages more than 25,000 business vehicles. By joining forces with CarAdvise, you'll gain instant access to our extensive network of partners and clients.

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Take advantage of the countless benefits offered by CarAdvise Dealer Advantage. Enroll now and watch your dealership flourish as you become a vital part of our growing fleet management network. With CarAdvise For Dealers, you'll have a wealth of opportunities to expand your business and serve a growing customer base.