Dent Repair Reimbursement

Membership Terms and Conditions

As a Member of the program, this benefit will provide the Member up to two (2) Paintless Dent Repairs of certain dings or dents from Automobiles with steel or aluminum body panels during a twelve (12) month period.


Administrator: The Administrator for this benefit is Dent Defender LLC. 948 Spencer Street, Syracuse, NY 13204. They can be reached at (800) 858-4594. The Administrator uses authorized Dent Defender representatives to perform the Paintless Dent Removals.

Automobile means a four-wheeled, private passenger vehicle, new or used, personal auto owned or leased and used for personal or UBER use by the Member that was enrolled in this program. (Proof of ownership will be required at time of claim.)

Member, You, Your: An individual who has enrolled in the program.

Membership Effective Date: The date You enrolled in the program and Your membership became effective.

Membership Expiration Date: One (1) year following your Membership Effective Date.

Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR): Repair of minor dents that do not exceed the size of a traditional credit card (3.25″x 2″) to exterior vertical painted sheet metal body panels to Your Automobile. Paintless Dent Repair is a technical process that uses specialized tools to gently push/pull dented metal on Your Automobile back to its original form.


The benefit provides the Member up to two (2) Paintless Dent Repairs within a twelve (12) month period on any vertical (side) panel of an Automobile, performed by the Administrator’s Dent Defender representatives up to a maximum of $100 per repair and $200 in the aggregate per year. Panel repairs are subject to accessibility (i.e. an area within 1″ of a door edge is not accessible). In certain cases, the metal may be stretched to a point where the dent is not repairable through our PDR process and/or might not be accessible due to aftermarket products and/or re- enforcements/bracing. Our PDR technician has sole discretion in deeming whether or not a dent is repairable through our PDR process. If a required repair extends over (2) body panels this will be treated as (2) repairs/claims. Paintless Dent Repairs do not cover sharp dings, dents, or creases whereby the metal is too stretched or has visible paint damage. The Member’s Automobile age is restricted to fifteen (15) model years or less on Your Membership Effective Date.

Duty of Care

The Member must not continue to drive the Automobile after any damage or incident if this could cause further damage to the Automobile. You have a duty to inspect the Automobile regularly for damage that may be repaired by this program, report such damage, and have a duty of care to mitigate any loss following such incident.


This benefit does not cover any Paintless Dent Removal:

1. To an Automobile not owned or leased by the Member

2. Repairs to upgrade or improve the Automobile

3. Repairs due to items as a result of manufacturer’s recall

4. Repairs to tires and alloy wheels

5. For minor damage that involves accessories, door moldings, window moldings, lights of any sort or any window panel

6. To any vehicle that is not an Automobile

7. For any pre-existing conditions (conditions to the Member’s Automobile that existed prior to his/her Membership Effective Date.), or claims that occur when the Administrator did not receive readable pictures of the vertical panels at time of enrollment Pictures that are not clear and concise may result in denial of the claim.

8. Due to damage caused by neglect, vandalism or fire; or damage resulting from commercial usage, except UBER use, or

9. Performed by an entity other than an authorized Dent Defender representative.

10. To an area of the vehicle made of composite material (i.e. a bumper)

11. To damage caused by catastrophic hail, or acorn damage

12. Any damage that could be covered under any other insurances for the same benefit.

13. Roofs equipped with a sunroof, moon roof or convertible hardtop.

14. Repairs to the under carriage of an Automobile.

15. To damage caused by environmental damage, any dent, ding or damage caused, in whole or in part, by environmental conditions or events including rust, corrosion, hail, and damage from chemicals.

16. To exterior surfaces that have a matte finish, finish film or wrap applied, chrome, bumpers, grills, glass, plastic, or other non-metal exterior sections of the vehicle body.

17. To any Automobile used commercially, except for UBER use.

18. To any damage that requires removal of Automobile headliners or removal of panel to gain access.

The limit of liability for this benefit will not exceed the average retail value of the Member’s Automobile as determined by the N.A.D.A Blue Book on the date of repair. In addition, this benefit does not provide coverage for any general, special or consequential damage to property or personal injuries to You.

How to file a claim

This Service Contract requires prior approval for service. To report damage and arrange for an appointment for repair under the Service Contract, please contact Our Claims center at 1-800-858-4594. An “Authorized Dent Defender” representative will schedule the repairs. A claim not reported, or a repair performed by anyone other than the “Authorized Dent Defender” representative will result in denial of Your claim. Damage that can be repaired under this Membership will not affect the normal operation of Your Automobile and therefore no emergency services will be provided under this Membership.